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Canary Wharf: Photography Treasure Hunt

August 26th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
Spotted on, Shoot Canary Wharf is a unique photographic treasure hunt that will lead participants to exciting destinations linked to iconic films. £15 doesn't last as long as it used to these could get you an hour catching up over cocktails, a couple of hours working up a sweat in a salsa class, half an hour devouring a pizza OR... A WHOLE day of the most fun you can have discovering unknown corners of London, unleashing your creativity and seeing your photos exhibited in a gallery. Held in conjunction with the Canary Wharf Film Festival, Shoot Canary Wharf is a unique...
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World’s First 3D Digital Camera

July 22nd, 2009 by LG Blog UK
Fujifilm has announced world's first three dimensional digital imaging system in the shape of the FinePix REAL 3D W1. The camera lets users enjoy 3D capture and imaging without needing to wear special 3D glasses. The FinePix REAL 3D system incorporates a 3D digital camera, the FinePix REAL 3D W1, a 3D digital viewer, the FinePix REAL 3D V1, and 3D prints. Original Technology Displays 3D Images that Jump Out of the Screen Our ability to perceive depth comes from viewing an object along two different lines of sight. This phenomenon is called parallax. The monitor on the 3D digital camera uses...
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This is Tottenham

July 7th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
Up & coming photographer Inzajeano has just released images from his 'This is Tottenham' series. Born and raised in the North London borough, Inzajeano takes an unflinching look at the characters and locations that make up the area, often lending his subjects an undeniable grace and elegance in the process. See more from the series here and visit the photographer's homepage to see more of his...
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Worldwide Photowalk

June 24th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
I recently became aware of the Worldwide Photowalk, it's a brilliant idea - Photowalks are "a social photography event where photographers get together, usually in a downtown area or trendy section of town, to walk around, shoot photos, and generally have fun with other photographers" they are free to take part in and open to anyone - although, for practicality all walks are limited to a maximum of 50 people per walk. Q. How many cities and people participated in last year’s Photo Walk? A. We had: 1. 8.324 photographers register for local walks 2. 47 Countries had participating cities 3. 44 States in the...
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‘Life’s Good this summer’ win VIP tickets to Relentless Boardmaster with Loop!

June 24th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
LG today announces its new ‘Life’s Good this summer’ campaign on their image sharing website, Loop. With summer now in full swing - we've just jinxed it haven't we.. it's going to be torrential rain for the next week now! - LOOP will be running a series of competitions which kick-starts this month with the chance to win a pair VIP tickets to the Relentless Boardmasters festival this August. The prize includes two nights at a top local hotel, £150 travel allowance and an LG goody bag. All you have to do to enter is register and upload photos...
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Andy Goldsworthy

June 16th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
I've been a big fan of Andy Goldsworthy's sculpture for many years, and have recently rediscovered his brilliance. Goldsworthy is a British artist whose collaborations with nature produce uniquely personal and intense artworks. Using a seemingly endless range of natural materials—snow, ice, leaves, bark, rock, clay, stones, feathers petals, twigs—he creates outdoor sculpture that manifests a sympathetic contact with the natural world. Before they disappear, or as they disappear, Goldsworthy records his work in photographs. Goldsworthy deliberately explores the tension of working in the area where he finds his materials, and is undeterred by changes by changes in the weather which may...
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Wikimedia Commons’ Picture of the Year announced!

June 9th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
The Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2008 competition is now over and the winner has been selected. Over 700 'Wikimedians' voted in the final and the winner was 'Horses on Bianditz Mountain' by Mikel Ortega: 'Fire Breathing' by Luc Viatour took second place: There are some remarkable shots in the final 24 including gorgeous cityscapes, 3D animations and macro-shots of nature as well as one that's out of this world - the Whirlpool Galaxy by NASA, below. Well worth a...
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The LG Arena KM900 photo competition – win £250!

June 1st, 2009 by LG Blog UK
Last week on our Official LG KM900 Arena Facebook Fan Page we launched a new photography competition: Have you ever been to Italy and taken a picture of yourself holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa?To celebrate the touchy-feelyness of the LG Arena KM900 we want to see your 'Touch Everything' photos. The idea is to take a 'forced perspective' photograph - if you need inspiration, there are plenty of great examples to be found on Flickr or this stunner, a former winner of the 'Life's Good' competition on LG Loop: then upload it here, get your friends to vote by 'liking' the...
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MODIS Images

May 28th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
MODIS (Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is a payload scientific instrument launched into Earth orbit by NASA in 1999 on board the Terra (EOS AM) Satellite, and in 2002 on board the Aqua (EOS PM) satellite. The instruments capture data in 36 spectral bands and at varying spatial resolutions. Together the instruments image the entire Earth every 1 to 2 days. They are designed to provide measurements in large-scale global dynamics including changes in Earth's cloud cover, radiation budget and processes occurring in the oceans, on land, and in the lower atmosphere. NASA claims that, These data will improve our understanding of global dynamics...
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Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars

May 14th, 2009 by LG Blog UK
If you're a regular reader you may have already noticed my penchant for aerial photography and this is arguably as aerial as it gets!* yes, yes, technically it's not air in space so it probably doesn't count as aerial.. The BBC have a great collection of some of the best photos taken by the Hubble telescope to date, including 'cat's eye' nebulas and the "Pillars of Creation": The Daily Mail also have some photos from Hubble and there are probably hosts of collections doing the rounds this week! - According to a friend this is all to celebrate the release of a...
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