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CES 2011: LG’s Home Entertainment range for 2011

January 5th, 2011 by LG Blog UK

Today LG announced their new home entertainment range for 2011 at CES in Las Vegas, including cinema 3D TVs (passive 3D), Smart TVs and super slim OLED technology.

The new 3D TVs add to LG’s already extensive 3D range, with the LED Cinema screens (LW450U, LW550T AND LW650T) being a world first offering consumers a comfortable and accessible 3D home cinema experience. Using the same polarized glasses that are used in cinemas that don’t require any charging, the new Cinema 3D screens combine convenience and comfort with stylish design in sizes between 32” and 55”.

LG are also continuing their investment into Active 3D TV, with the announcement of further Full LED NANO 3D screens (LW770T and LW950T). Alongside these are new Plasma 3D TVs (PW450T, PZ250T, PZ550T, PZ570T and PZ950T) bolstering an already extensive 3D range, with nearly 50% of the 2011 TV range being 3D ready.

Another exciting new revelation from CES is Connected TV, named as a key focus for 2011 with 30% of next year’s TV range being fully equipped with Smart TV technology. Today’s announcement featured a redesigned Smart TV platform, including a new web-browser and app store, designed to make Internet TV even easier than ever before, especially when used with the magic motion remote control.

The new LG Smart Upgrade (ST560) allows consumers to receive LG Smart TV content on any TV with an HDMI input. The compact unit also enables wi-fi, DLNA and web browsing to ensure that all LG customers can experience the sofa-surfing experience offered by connected TV.

LG Smart TV Upgrader

As if this wasn’t enough, LG are continuing their development of OLED screens. Building off the success of the 15” EL9500 released last year at CES 2010, LG presented the largest commercially available OLED screen at IFA last year measuring in at 31”.

Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing Home Entertainment, commented: “LG is the fastest growing major TV brand in 2010 and has been for the past three years, having almost doubled in size since 2008. This growth is testament to LG’s role as an industry leader and sector innovator and its continued development of cutting edge technologies to ensure that the very best products are available for consumers.”

“2011 also promises to be another exciting year for LG, with an incredibly broad range of products incorporating new screen and content technologies – the way we watch TV is changing and LG is committed to helping consumers take advantage of these spectacular developments.

More information can be found at the LG Press Room, where all CES 2011 related content is available – Press Room

AVForums review the LX9900

July 13th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
Those of you familiar with AVForum’s reviews will know that they are exceedingly comprehensive – taking an impressive level of knowledge to their reviews. Any of you familiar with the LX9900 TV will know that this is LG’s big release of the year – their first 3D TV! Well AVForums have gotten their hands on the 55" LX9900 for a review, and they gave it an overall ‘recommended’ rating. The strengths of the LX9900 were numerous out of the box ranging from things like the inclusion of built in Freeview HD tuner and 2 pairs of 3D glasses being included, right...
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Which? guide you through LG’s passive & active 3DTV solutions

May 17th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
3D technology has come on light-years since the old red and blue anaglyph glasses that were once considered the height of sophistication. With the release of 3DTV to the consumer market this year you may be wondering what is the best technology for you – passive or active? Well fear not for the Which? consumer guide have produced a video talking you through LG’s offerings for both passive and active. With accurate and comprehensive guides to LG’s passive offering, the LD950, and the active shutter LX9900 you will be able to learn more about the differing technology and assess which is...
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Win tickets to Grand Designs Live!

April 29th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
We are giving away 4 pairs of tickets to this year’s Grand Designs Live show at the ExCel Centre in London from the 1st to the 9th of May. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with LG’s upcoming 2010 range of TVs in one place. This includes the LX9900 active shutter 3D TV, the LD950 passive 3D TV, the EL9500 OLED, the flagship PK990 plasma TV and many more. The TVs will be set up to show how they would best be utilized in the home as both a great piece of technology as well as a stylish addition...
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Life’s Good at the LG Home!

April 27th, 2010 by LG Blog UK


Last week LG held an exclusive lifestyle event at the Haymarket Hotel’s Town House just off London’s Trafalgar Square to showcase their forthcoming home entertainment solutions for the press and a few lucky members of the public.

The event was designed to showcase how LG’s latest home entertainment solutions would look and could be used to maximum effect in your home. This included two themed evenings – one for the ladies and one for the lads with cocktails and beer tasting respectively, amongst other great treats for the lucky attendees. We will have videos of the ladies and lads nights up soon so you can see all the excellent things LG had to treat their lads and ladies, as well as highlights of the great home entertainment solutions being shown off.


Each room in the house was kitted out with a different home entertainment scenario to reflect how it could look in the home. This included the water-resistant EL9500 OLED TV shown in the bathroom, the stylish LX9900 Full LED active 3DTV in the living room with 3D Blu-Ray for the ideal home cinema set up, and the LD950 passive 3DTV in the kids bedroom with an Xbox360 playing Avatar the game in 3D!

We will have individual in-depth write ups of rooms and themed evenings coming soon to the LG Blog, looking at each home entertainment solution and its technology one at a time.

Our photos from the event are available here

Follow the links below for more information on some of the products showcased at the event:

PK990 Plasma TV



LG’s 3D solutions