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LG Wash Technology – Keeping Festival Fabrics Fresh!

August 19th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
The end of August marks the close of festival season, be gone 4-day, mud-encased/beer adorned clothing – it’s time for LG to restore the clean, fresh feel they once knew. LG’s wash technologies ensure the ultimate care for your garments, with a super-durable Direct Drive motor enabling a range of six different motions, engineered to care for what you wear in the most suitable manner, depending on which of the plethora of fabrics on show at British festivals you wore this summer! With the launch of our new Turbo Wash range of washing machines, a unique jet spray is utilised...
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Free 6 Months Supply of Finish Dishwasher Tablets when you buy any LG Dishwasher!

July 24th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
We've got the perfect offer for you coming up soon! Purchase any LG Dishwasher between 28th July – 30th August 2014 and you will be entitled to 6 months worth of Finish Dishwasher Tablets (worth £80) to make your home-ware sparkle! It’s a partnership made in Dishwashing heaven; and the result is shiny, perfectly finished dishes. LG Dishwashers, including the LG D1484BF & LG D1454BF, use the latest technology to ensure a premium clean every time. They are powered by LG’s unique Direct Drive motor technology, designed to provide a quiet, eco-friendly wash and market leading reliability; a 10 year warranty...
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Keep Cool with LG!

July 21st, 2014 by LG Blog UK
Temperatures across Britain have been on the rise! (Yay!) Make sure you keep cool this Summer with these quenchers, to be served up straight from the fridge! Strawberry and Mint Lemonade A total refresher, which can be served as below or mixed with 25ml vodka, to enjoy responsibly at parties :) You will need: 300g Strawberries, sliced 250g Caster Sugar Juice of 5 Lemons Handful Fresh Mint Leaves, chopped Sparkling water, to dilute A few sprigs of Mint, to garnish Ice, to serve Method: 1.Pulse the strawberries, chopped mint, sugar and lemon juice until smooth in a blender. 2.Strain the mixture into a large jug/bowl and stir to ensure the sugar has...
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Keep your Tennis Whites Bright!

July 3rd, 2014 by LG Blog UK
Murray may be out (two years running was a big ask after so many years since the previous British title) but there's some exciting fresh contenders for the Wimbledon finals this weekend, that we'll certainly still be watching! With a good forecast expected and tennis and football being so hot right now, we're expecting a laundry basket full of grass stains and perspiration ridden clothes, rest assured our wash technologies have features developed with this in mind! All LG washing machines have a direct drive motor, ensuring the heart of the appliance is super durable, this motor allows the drum to...
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Go Crazy in the Kitchen with LG!

June 25th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
Maybe you didn’t become an astronaut like you wanted to in primary school? Maybe you never made the synchronized swimming team? But you can still achieve personal growth and greatness. And, strangely, your dishwasher might inspire you. Especially if you have an LG D1484CF dishwasher. This LG dishwasher has TrueSteam™ technology, which has the unique ability to open your mind. How? Well, consider this. Grandma may have washed her delicate heirloom dishes by hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to. TrueSteam™ actually generates steam that can clean most fragile china as well as pots and pans. Same with the whole pre-wash...
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Stay Cool and Smart this summer

June 24th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
Summer rivalries usually involve football teams or water balloon fights, but there’s a new challenge on the horizon. When it comes to summer refreshment, most people have a favourite treat in mind when they head to the fridge. But, our new refrigerator design is making snackers rethink the way they stock their fridge, and maybe you should, too. Sure, the new LG Super Capacity Refrigerator has all the conveniences you’ve come to expect from LG, like tons of space and lots of handy baskets and drawers to keep you organized. But now, with the new Door-in-Door feature, there’s a whole...
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June 18th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
At LG, we spend years working to provide you with the perfect picture and the freshest of tech so you can enjoy some of the amazing moments broadcast on your TV. This summer, we want you to be the show, including your reactions to the highs and lows of the greatest football event ever – because what happens on the pitch is only half the story. Direct from the nation’s sofas, #LGMatchMoments will capture fans cheering as their team scores that critical goal, as well as the inevitable tears, so grab your phone and join the conversation. Until 14th July,...
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Must-have Appliances for the Sport Spectator

June 11th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
This week marks the start of a month in front of the TV, celebrating with friends and entertaining into the early hours (thanks to a six hour time difference in Brazil). One thing certain to be back of our minds throughout the tournament is cooking and cleaning, so here’s a few appliances from our range that lend themselves to helping you enjoy the game... LG’s Door-in-Door Refrigeration Whether you feel the need to reach for a beer, or even the ketchup should your match viewing conjure a barbeque laden with burgers, LG’s GS9366AEAV has the perfect solution to reaching for your most...
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LG supports World Environment Day

June 5th, 2014 by LG Blog UK
LG shares the goal of encouraging more people to live sustainably with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the sponsor of World Environment Day. From May 1 until June 5, LG has been screening a 30-second promotional video for UNEP’s 2014 campaign Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level on its LED billboards in Times Square in New York City and over here in Piccadilly Circus, London. As a responsible corporate citizen to celebrate World Environment Day, LG will engage in several environmentally-focused activities. In Korea, LG’s labor union is hosting a training session about eco-friendly electronics for approximately 100...
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Easy Spring Clean with LG

May 21st, 2014 by LG UK
Still not managed the big Spring Clean? It’s almost overdue - let your appliances do the work for you whilst you enjoy the early signs of Summer that are starting to show! LG’s home appliances are designed with user convenience at the forefront. We know you don’t have all day every day to wash, sweep and hang out the laundry. Our own research (LG UK, August 2013) has shown that us Brits in fact do a bare 2 hours a week of household chores, compared to an average of 63 hours three decades ago. We don’t blame you! Here’s some of the...
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