August 4th, 2014 by LG Blog UK

The telephone rings. It’s Mum. Good news! She’s just won a modest sum on the pools and she wants to splash the cash.

First on her purchase list is a new TV. “I want one of those new-fangled tellys where you don’t need to get up and down to change the channel. But I don’t want to study for a PhD in ‘computer whiz-kiddery’ to figure it out,” she says. Well, the choice is simple.

The new 47LB730V. Not only does it have a fantastic 47-inch Full HD screen and 2.1 channel speaker system but on top of that even the most petrified of tech noobs will allow themselves a self-satisfied chuckle at how easy it is to get to grips with.

You can thank the latest version of LG’s Magic Remote system for the effortless interface. It uses a combination of motion sensors, gesture controls and voice commands to select features, as opposed to the old-hat method of button pressing. Of course it’s still possible to revert to button selections if you wish – a simple wiggle of the scroll-wheel wakes up the pointer again.

Helping hand
When you power up the TV for the first time you are greeted by Bean Bird – a little cartoon creature who works for LG (it’s more of a hobby to him) – who appears to be having a nap. A quick prod with the remote and he screams into life. “What is that?! Is he okay?” He’s fine. In fact, he couldn’t be happier; nothing pleases him more than making sure your shiny new LG is set up perfectly – and he offers helpful tips and congratulations as you complete each stage of the set up.

As it turns out, getting started is a breeze; connecting to the internet, confirming your location and scanning for digital TV and radio channels takes barely five minutes. Once set up is complete, Bean Bird cheers with delight and is ready and waiting on his little sofa, soft drink in one hand, Magic Remote in the other.


At this point everything is good to go but there is so much more to explore. The 47LB730V detects any connected devices and displays them via a pop up screen once they’re connected. Even if you have one or two straggling peripherals that aren’t made by LG, a huge catalogue of devices can be paired with the magic remote, so there’s no need for a megatron-style set-up or remote anymore. Once they’re paired, you can easily access the other devices via an icon in the top right-hand side of the screen.

As is the usual fare with smart TVs, you can access all of the usual catch-up TV apps, as well as online streaming services such as Netflix and NOW TV. There’s even a web browser, which is more than adequate for basic browsing.

Miss nothing
If that wasn’t enough, the fantastically named “Time Machine” app organises any TV shows that you’ve recorded. The great thing about the LG 47LB730V is that it’s even possible to plug in a USB drive and record directly on to it. With the help of the EPG you can schedule what you want to record, too.

Now Mum is up to speed with everything, she can’t believe what a wonderfully stylish TV she has her hands on and what a breeze it is to use. She can’t imagine how she ever coped before. One thing still bothers her though. The whole family is constantly over at her place, hogging the remote, and she isn’t too keen on “that fella called Dave who hangs about with all those people in brightly coloured shirts”.