LG G2 Launches in the UK

October 1st, 2013 by LG Blog UK

LG Electronics (LG) today launches the landmark LG G2 handset in the UK, following its New York unveiling earlier in the year and subsequent wave of media commendations. The LG G2 marks a revolutionary new direction in smartphone design and has already been internationally acclaimed for its industry-leading technology and innovative features including its unique Rear-Key design and 5.2” full HD display.

From today UK consumers will be able to purchase the LG G2 from major retailers nationwide, including Carphone Warehouse, EE, Three and O2. The handset was unveiled in New York in August and has already earned praise for its stunning clear and vivid display. The phone’s tiny bezel allowed LG to incorporate an expansive 5.2″ full HD display, producing a phablet-size screen while retaining a smartphone footprint. And with proven IPS technology, the LG G2 offers superior graphics, accurate colours and clear images without any distortion.

“The LG G2 represents one of the most exciting developments in smartphone design, intuitively designed to complement the way that consumers naturally use their devices, with the unique Rear-Key button which is complemented by the KnockOn UI feature.” said Carolyn Anderson, UK Head of Marketing for Mobile Communications. “Once UK users get chance to experience the LG G2 for themselves, we’re sure they’ll agree with us that it represents the future in smartphone design”.

“LG has a strong history of innovation in smartphone design and technology and the G2 represents another huge step forward. We’ve seen smartphones evolve over the years but we believe that the LG G2 really has set the bar for the category.”

LG also used extensive user insight to help create one of the most functional and convenient phones on the market. The LG G2 replaces side buttons with its innovative new Rear-Key, which places buttons where users naturally place their fingers while KnockON allows the phone to be powered-on by simply tapping twice on the display.

The cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800 Processor helps the LG G2 to redefine the smartphone experience through stunning performance, rich graphics and outstanding battery efficiency. Graphics RAM (GRAM) technology and a generous 3,000mAh battery mean that the G2 is more than ready for a full day’s work or play.

The LG G2 will be available from today, for more information on this device and the wider range please visit www.lg.com/uk/G2

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  • Guest

    Where is the 32gb version for the UK ???
    would have bought this phone other wise

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  • bonbons

    Funny that there’s no response re the 32gb memory. Was ready to upgrade today but now looking at the note3 or wait for the htc one2. Well done lg, another customer gone

  • Robbo

    16gb only in UK – Fail.

  • Jm

    I would have definitely bought one of these if it had 32gb. What a shame.

  • Nick

    Even goats seem to have more grey cells in their brain than the f*cking morons at LG

  • Z?

    I too have just realised with horror that the 32Gb version is not available in the UK, but is sold not only in some faraway markets like USA or Asia, but in the rest of Europe. LG, whatever marketing/boardroom skulduggery led to this shocking decision – please realise that it is completely insane. I hope you all have nice happy smiles on your faces while watching potential new customers and brand promoters leak, leak away to Samsung, HTC, Sony. Like Samsung needed any more help with its chokehold on the UK market… If people are standing there, holding out money to buy your products, you sell them! Besides caring at least a bit for actual customers, don’t you have obligations to shareholders to make a profit, and such..?

  • Chris

    You made a phone that I want to buy….BUT you DON’T want to sell it. What the fuck LG?


    LG release the LG G2 which is a brilliant piece of kit. Serious hardware power. LG have developed and manufactured the Nexus 5 complete with Kit Kat. And yet LG are surprisingly (annoyingly) quiet when it comes to Kit Kat on its “FLAGSHIP” phone????? What the hell LG? You exist because of CUSTOMERS!!!!!! They purchase your product. Do the right thing and support your products FULLY.

  • Matt

    A smartphone is more than a phone for me. I use it as media storage and consumption device, games console, satnav with offline maps and much more. Just 10GB user available space doesn’t cut the mustard when I have to fork out that much money. To make their top of the range phone so limited in storage is a strange decision, but the exclusion of 32gb model from the UK market while selling it in everywhere else is just beyond belief

  • YC

    Don’t think Nexus 5 has anything to do with this shocking decision. US is the primary focus of Nexus/Google and LG sells the 32GB G2 model there as they do in the rest of Europe. LG has always ignored the UK market for some reason only they can explain. We should return the favour by not buying their products. I am sick of waiting for the 32GB model and am off buying Samsung instead. Whether you like Samsung or not, they always treat the UK as a major market and bring their products here first.

  • Drew

    High-quality 60fps 1080p video recording — obviously very memory-hungry. But no SD slot and just 10GB available on board. This is a complete non-runner for that reason alone. Contempt for UK customers. I’ll not allow myself to buy any LG product now. This leaves a really nasty taste in the mouth. There has to be some marketing skullduggery going on here or something, surely? Perhaps to do with early sales of the Nexus 5? Otherwise desperately ignorant marketing team, and that doesn’t seem credible.

  • Matt

    16GB limit in the UK killed this phone. Well done LG

  • Jon

    Like many others I was ready to buy this phone but the decision to offer only the 16GB model in the UK is a total disappointment. The thing that’s even more annoying is that you don’t even get 16GB of storage anyway because of the pre-installed software, so instead end up with about 10GB of space left for apps,music etc. Shocking and embarrassing to even class it as a high-end smartphone when it’s so limited and I won’t be buying one or any other LG product if this is there UK strategy.

  • Aaron

    Just one word comes to mind ‘shocking’. Is LG that stupid?

  • MA

    Was ready to ditch my HTC One for this incredible phone till I found out the 32gb is not available in the UK and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the 16gb does not have expandable memory. I mean seriously. What a phenomenal mess up. It is actually a sad day when large companies miss amazing competitive strategy opportunities. Most people with the HTC have the 32gb variant. What make LG think it is okay to just release a 16gb variant of their flagship phone.

  • AD

    Agree with the rest. LG decision defies logic. Would’ve bought the 32GB model without a second thought, but never the 16GB one. LG losing customers but they don’t seem to care.

  • Nathan

    Dont understand why LG not selling the model people want to buy. Weird

  • James

    I too want this phone and would buy in a heartbeat with 32gb. Never with 16gb. If Apple are selling with 64gb to neopytes, why would a phone targeting the tech savvy market restrict to 16gb? Bizarre.

  • code

    Why would you not release a 32gb Version in the UK? Do you not want to sell your products? Who the fuck made the decision to only release 16gb models in the UK?

  • microBUNNY

    I agree with the other comments. Either LG doesn’t care about the UK market or it was a great mistake to release only the 16gb model. For a top spec smartphone without microSD support, 16gb storage is nothing but crippling the smartphone experience. We don’t have superfast unlimited wifi available always on the go in UK to just rely on the cloud. Now that Nexus 5 is released with 32gb, I don’t see how can LG sell G2s any more. Hope LG uses common sense a bit more in the future unless they really don’t care (about the UK market),

  • Phil

    Amazing phone but the uk wants 32gb

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  • Kris

    I concur the below comment. LG, you’re losing customers like this

  • UK consumer

    You definitely don’t want our money. Why release only the 16gb version when such an amazing smartphone like the G2 cries for at least 32gb storage. It’s a shame as I was eagerly waiting to buy one as soon as released, now I will take my money elsewhere for sure.