Did You Know…You can Steam Fish in the Dishwasher? We want to know about your light bulb moment…

August 19th, 2013 by LG Blog UK

LG has launched a global campaign, Smart Discoveries, to find out your quirky and unconventional uses for our home appliances.

Our Home Appliances are packed with innovation to enable you to use to the best of your capability, but is there anything above and beyond your appliance’s intended purpose it comes in handy for? We’ve thought of a few below, but if there’s a light bulb moment you’ve had, you can win prizes for sharing with us! Log in to http://www.lgsmartchoice.com/ before 30th September via Facebook, Twitter or with your email address to share your smart discovery, and see how other people across the globe use their appliances!

In celebration of the launch of the new SMART DISCOVERIES website, LG has unearthed some quirky, as well as more practical uses of home appliances. These include:

You can steam fish in the dishwasher
This works especially well with salmon, just wrap it in two layers of tin foil, pop onto the top shelf and use a hot cycle. The result is a slow-cooked, melt-in-the-mouth piece of salmon. You can also ‘blanch’ your veggies ready for the freezer in the dishwasher too!Blanched Veg

You can almost double the life of candles by storing them in the freezer
Simply freeze the candles a day before using them; this will chill the wax, thus making it harder to burn. Also causes some candles to drop less!

You can wash toys in the dishwasher
Delicate items including plastic toys and even make-up brushes will come out as good as new after a cycle in the dishwasher.

You can revive dry mascara in the microwave
Put your old mascara in the microwave for 20 seconds and you will be left with a perfect consistency. Of course, the mascara tube must not contain metal.

You can extend the life of your nail polish if you store it in the fridge
Place your nail polishes in a plastic container and leave them in the fridge to extend their shelf life and prevent them from becoming dry and thick.

You can get more juice from your lemons if you warm them in the microwave
A lemon or lime will benefit from 20 seconds in the microwave just before squeezing and will produce much more juice than a citrus fruit taken straight from the fridge.

You can wash your favourite jeans in the freezer
Place your jeans in a re-sealable bag and put in the freezer for a few days, this will kill bacteria and deodorise the denim, without misshaping or fading your beloved jeans.

You can have a perfectly smelling fridge if you store coffee in it
Pop little bowls of ground coffee on a few shelves in the fridge – this will soak up nasty odours in a matter of days.

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  • Kaye Wilkinson

    I’ve been planning to make boiled sweet flavoured vodka in it too. You put a dishwasher proof plastic bottle in with vodka in it and handful of sweets, and seal the top of course. Whilst it washes, it heats up and melts the sweets into the alcohol. Lush apparently :O)

  • Eloise Stingemore

    By placing perfume especially those that are really expensive and precious in the fridge at 50 degrees, prolongs the fragance life and smell. Marilyn Monroe would stocked her fridge sky high with Chanel.

  • Callum Fletcher

    (NiMH and NiCD only) place batteries in the freezer to extend battery life, make sure the are thawed before doing so.

  • Tracey Ashburn

    Hairdryer for quick dry of damp clothes plus it removes creases