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June 17th, 2013 by LG Blog UK

This new fridge freezer comes in a choice of finishes and features from über-modern high grade Stainless Steel to sleek, understated Black to create the ultimate focal point in your kitchen. Discreet pocket handles allow the doors to exude streamlined design styling, complementing today’s kitchen trends.

The left-hand freezer door hosts a striking water dispenser feature with modern LED Touch Display controls framing a smart, brushed steel push button to dispense water and ice. This product range is available in both plumbed-in and non-plumbed options yet both still offer water and ice through the door. The plumbed-in American Style will offer water and ice on demand, however should plumbing not be available due to facilities constraints, LG’s non-plumbed models will deliver the same look and water & ice dispensing feature.

FridgeLG’s NEW Side-by-Side is enriched with technology, from the quiet and efficient Linear Compressor, heralding a unique direct transmission mechanism to minimise mechanical loss for improved energy efficiency and improved noise through fewer moving parts… Through to the innovative solutions built into the fridge interior to keep your food fresher for longer.

The Moist Balance Crisper, unique to LG, forms a lattice design to sit above your salad and vegetable crisper drawers. Once your foods begin to emit moisture, this is trapped and retained within the lattice, ensuring your food is kept fresh for longer, rather than residing in soggy conditions.

The Fresh 0 Zone compartment maintains a constant 0°C, perfect for storing meats and fish ready for cooking in a hygienic surround, should you want to prepare ahead – great when entertaining, or when surface space becomes a premium.


Which do YOU prefer!?…
Black or Steel?
Let us know in the comments below.

Available this month from a selection of UK retailers.

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  • Minecraft Games

    It is a great product.

  • Andy Whitmore

    steel would suit me better

  • Andy Turner

    Steel for me