March 26th, 2013 by LG Blog UK

LG Electronics (LG) today announced that Spotify will be available on its 2013 range of Smart media products, including premium Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems and Blu-ray players. Available on a selection of LG’s latest internet connected devices from next month, the Spotify application will provide users with access to over 20 million songs via the brand’s user friendly Smart platform.

The new Spotify application will allow Premium account users to discover new music by browsing the huge song library, or by listening to Spotify Radio on their LG Smart audio or video device. Favourite tracks and playlists can be shared via Facebook and Twitter – so that everyone can discover new music. New customers to the service can also enjoy the benefits of a one-month free trial, before signing up to the £9.99 monthly subscription.

This exciting service will be available on a selection of LG’s devices, including its high-quality BP9430PW, an industry leading 9.1-channel system that offers the most immersive home cinema experience yet. With its huge 1460W of power, and nine speakers, the BH9430PW delivers breath-taking 3D sound that will fully submerge audiences in their favourite movies or music from every angle.

LG continues to lead innovation in audio visual entertainment, with the new Spotify application joining the brand’s already impressive Smart offering – a one-stop shop for premium content, social media and gaming. LG’s Smart platform brings together the best of catch-up TV from the likes of BBC iplayer; instant access to movies on demand via Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Blinkbox; along with social media platforms YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Craig West, Head of Marketing, LG Consumer Electronics UK, comments: “LG’s Smart platform provides unparalleled choice for consumers and the addition of Spotify demonstrates LG’s continued commitment to growing the brand’s Smart offering for consumers. We are confident that LG Smart media owners will enjoy these latest services, as well as the fantastic updates we have planned for the rest of the year.”

“It’s our mission to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, everywhere, so we’re delighted to partner with LG to make our music service available on their smart media devices”, said Kate Opekar, Director, hardware business development at Spotify.“Spotify wants to be at the heart of the home entertainment experience, so it’s a natural fit to make our music service available on blu-ray players and home cinema systems.”

LG’s 2013 audio and visual line-up features outstanding sound and picture quality. Spotify will be available from April on the following LG Smart media devices:
• BH9430PW
• BH7530TW
• BH7430P
• BH7130C
• BH6730S
• BH6430P
• BH6230S
• BP730
• BP630
• BP530R

  • Robert

    I’m running 55LM760S, and it does not have Spotify available as well. the incompetent LG person (available on LG Chat) was trying to convince me that it should work.
    there was another feature which i bough the TV for – widget to run Polish TV – TVN Player. LG committed to have it available before i bought the TV, the release date got delayed, and delayed, and never happened.

    i agree that with this approach they wont go too far. i’m not going to buy LG anymore.

  • Andreas Skavikeng

    Dear LG..
    I have a LG 60PH670V, and i would realy like to see Spotify
    released for this model range. I bought a smart tv to enjoy the apps and to not have to rely on a iTV or any other media box for entertainment.
    But atm the premium content for LG Smart TV`s suck.. The only apps im using is Netflix and Youtube.. Releasing a spotify app for this model range shouldent be too hard, and alot of customers would be seriously pleased.

    I have my Smart TV connected to my home cinema system, but when i want to enjoy music i either have to listen to crappy quality songs of youtube or burn out a cd an play music from my blu-ray player.
    It would greatly improve my satisfaqtion with the product that i have bought if i could stream music from my TV to my Home Cinema system.

    And on a nother note, when i try to use Spotifys web player i can load it
    and see it.. but i dont get any sound.. this is annoying since i am a spotify premium member and realy i feel cheated when the only time i get to use spotify is on my mobile or my pc.

    Please fix this !!

  • stian nyland

    When does spotify app comes on LG HX966PZ ?

  • Ch

    Only for 2013 models… I Will never buy any other LG product. Cheaters i regret not to buy a Samsung Tv when i got my 2012 LG smart tv.

  • Paul Anthony Taylor

    Your wasting your time Jaan, LG are not like Apple and Samsung who have a long term strategy both have developed a loyal relationship with there customers they always return, rather than this short sighted dangling a carrot for newer models, it will never work, people are smarter than that.

  • Jaan

    WE want Spotify!!!

  • Jaan

    Comeooon LG. Its not fair!!!

  • Jim

    I agree I have a 3D Blu Ray Surround sound system bought just last year. Would have expected to get new apps as they are added to the Smart TV platform, otherwise what’s the point of the Smart TV platform?

    Also saw yesterday on LG site and was pleased to see that Now TV is coming to LG Smart TV in August 2013 – now I’m think we won’t get that either LG Dumb TV more like.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.a.taylor.54922 Paul Anthony Taylor

    If this is the case LeifV and a Spotify app is not forthcoming I will never buy an LG product again :(

  • Anonymous

    LG Smart TV is a low-end product (in my country, Sweden, even lower…), consequently you will find absolutely nothing about Spotify on your local LG website… (today April 28th, still no info).

    As an indication… LG Smart TV has a very, very short lifespan. As you noted, Spotify will only be available for 2013-models, which means even you who recently bought a LG Smart TV without assuring it was a 2013 will be left behind and of course, neglected and forgotten by LG themselves.

    Needless to mention… the one and only advise must be: DO NOT buy an LG Smart TV if the smart tv functions are important for you. Choose another brand, or even better, choose an Android Media Player -which already have everything LG consider as “breaking news”.

    BTW, LG will probably change platform to WebOS by 2014, and the todays low-end platform will be even lower-end-handled soon… -one more reason to NOT BUY a LG Smart TV.

    Frankly speaking, I have a little hard to understand why Spotify wants to cooperate with a company acting in above mentioned way.

  • mrkingpin

    I have a LG47LM760T and really want the Spotify App. Its a bit dissapointing that Spotify is only for 2013 models. Come on LG get it on the smart TV’s NOW!

  • Michael

    Only for 2013 Models would be unacceptable! It should, no it must be available for every Smart Media Device!

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.a.taylor.54922 Paul Anthony Taylor

    I do hope there are plans for the Spotify app being made available for the LG47LM760T with LG BH6620S 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System which I purchased less than three months ago, with the thousands of other British customers who purchased this all in one deal from Curry’s and PC world. LG obviously think my sound system is ok for the Napster or Deezer app, why not Spotify?

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