Guest Blog: Holly Fulton

March 21st, 2013 by LG Blog UK

As the official Garment Care Supplier for London Fashion Week, it’s only natural that LG Home Appliances looks to support London’s up and coming designers along with their fabulous pieces, and we love Holly Fulton’s new trends for Autumn / Winter 2013.

LG know how to keep garments looking fresh from the catwalk, wash after wash, and are confident that our technology is the best for cleaning deep in to your clothes and keeping them in pristine condition!

LG TrueSteam™ technology offers improved performance, as steam particles are 1600 times smaller than water, allowing them to penetrate right into the fabric and remove far more dirt (or make up!) than a normal wash. Introducing steam into the wash will assist in removing ingrained dirt, giving even the grubbiest clothes a makeover! Our Steam Refresh cycle is perfect for the catwalk, with a twenty minute steam freshen to remove odours and creases, which is recreated by the great work our Steam Team do backstage at London Fashion Week.

Unique to LG, the 6 Motion Direct Drive is able to perform various drum motions depending on the programme selected so each fabric can thrive in the best suited environment. As designers get funky with fabric experimentation this feature becomes all the more important to keep your recreations at their best!

See Holly’s take on AW13 and how important LG garment care is to her collection in our video below, or read on to learn more about her key collections from this season, written by the lady herself.

Holly FultonLook 27 is my favourite look from the collection; it features the Lily Biker, a fully embellished biker jacket with embroidered lilies in whites and creams and sequinned feathers in varying shades of blue. This is paired with the jailbird dress, a knee length digitally printed crepe de chine dress with a full skirt and placement print bodice. This also incorporates organza sections on the shoulders and a neckline made from laser cut Perspex with crystal and volcanic lava rock beads attached.
The whole collection was based on the idea of obsessive love, mainly the love a groupie has for her chosen band, and this dress related to the feeling of a bad girl behind bars, caged romance being contained which was highlighted by the swallows and lilies (both Victorian symbols of love) swirling round behind the prison fence. The jacket also features these motifs along with feathers, another symbol of devotion, and is a take on the classic rock and roll biker jacket but reinterpreted in a contemporary, feminine way for today’s bad girls.
It was a key look in the collection as it combined so many fabrications and materials which is a trademark of the label and my favourite way to design.

London Fashion Week with Holly FultonAW13 was always intended to be a textural overload with myriad surfaces combining with printed pattern to heighten the sense of the 3D and provide depth to the pieces. New fabrications for the season included real feather patchwork collages, guinea fowl trims and t-shirts, leather and ponyskin patchwork, embroidered and sequinned motifs, printed satinised organza, mohairs and pleated leathers.

There has been a reliance on the visual during the upsurge in digital print in recent years and it is interesting to see how this has now transcended into surface texture as a way to extend the sensory experience of the wearer and the viewer.

Next season I am looking forward to pushing the conceived limits in terms of fabrications and finding something new to work with. Surface is what excites me as a designer and new materials always lead me on to new avenues in design. I love working with materials that are unexpected and these often provide the best end results!

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