LG @CES 2013

January 12th, 2013 by LG Blog UK

Welcome to a brief look at all the cool, innovative tech and products we brought to CES this year. Including OLED, Ultra HD 4k2k displays and not forgetting our award winning 3D and Smart TV ranges, improved and upgraded ready for 2013!

The current interest in our 84″ ULTRA HD TV in the UK has been phenomenal. Its great to see the look on peoples faces when they see ultra 4k2k content for the first time on such a massive screen! “It’s just like looking through a window” and “I thought HD was good until I saw this” are frequent remarks heard from viewers!

At CES this year we’re proud to announce the introduction of two stunning new ULTRA HD models in 55 and 65″ flavours! With the TV’s providing 4 times the resolution of Full HD, ULTRA HD 4k2k really is the future of TV!
Here’s a look at them in the flesh.

Undoubtedly the biggest show stealer was our latest ‘curved’ OLED TV, creating a panorama effect that’s just not possible with existing flat-panel TVs, offers a more immersive viewing experience. After the massive demand of our first 55″ OLED TV model launched last year and set to roll out across the globe in the coming weeks, here’s a look at what’s next from LG OLED TV later this year!

As well as our OLED and ULTRA HDTV’s we’ve got a whole new range of LED TV’s for you too, ensuring that each TV suits every possible requirement you have in your home. Whether it’s stunning design, Cinema 3D technology that’s fun for ALL the family or simply making your life smarter on our award winning Smart TV platform that you need, we’ve got a TV that’s just right for you!

Thanks CES, see you next year!!

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  • Vladimir Palffy

    Dear LG team,
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    Vladimir Palffy from Slovakia