LG Laundry Care : Bedding

December 10th, 2012 by LG Blog UK


Did you know, you will spend nearly 1/3 of your life wrapped up in your bed sheets and blankets, but your laundry habits may or may not reflect this, Oil from your hair and face can leave a lasting impression on your bedding, but detergent can get stains out. You can opt for a scented detergent, or add fabric softener for softer bedding.

You can opt for a scented detergent, or add fabric softener for softer bedding.

Duvet covers, decorative pillows and shams

The bed is considered the centerpiece of the bedroom. Duvet covers, decorative pillows, shams and throws all work to create your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. But after a long winter on display, decorative bedding may need a “face lift.” To freshen and clean these prominent items, try detergent with fabric softener, which will give your fabrics outstanding cleaning with a touch of softness and give your bedding a well-deserved springtime lift.
When it comes to spring cleaning, no bedding should remain unturned. This includes items such as bed skirts, dust ruffles and other decorative fabrics that are frequently neglected or forgotten. Don’t let delicate fabrics or intricate fringes keep you from caring for these decorative materials. Check the garment care label first, and then wash by hand with detergent with bleach alternative, or select the hand wash cycle on your LG washer. This will allow you to clean even the most delicate bedding.

Storing winter bedding

Take special care to store winter bedding so thick sheets and blankets are ready for next year’s cold spell. Instead of simply packing them in the corner of your linen closet, place fabric softener sheets into unsealed envelopes and tuck them into the folds. This easy tip will add freshness to bedspreads, blankets and flannel sheets.

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