How many woolly hats can you fit in an LG 12Kg Washer?

November 16th, 2012 by LG Blog UK

There’s no doubt about it, the cold weather is coming! It’s time to dig out the winter woollies and say hello to that overcoat once again!

With all the extra oversized clothes you’ve dug out of the wardrobe you’ll be able to fit them all in one of our award winning extra large 12kg Truestream™ Washing machines of course!

But, that got us thinking, how ‘big’ is 12kg!?…. so we set our team to work to see how many bobble hats we could fit inside one!

Tell us how many hats you think we managed to cram in our 12kg Washing Machine and the first 50 who guess the closest to the actual number on Wednesday* 21st November at 3pm will get a cosy hat sent to them to help you keep warm this winter!

The competition is now closed. We’ll be sending out the hats to the lucky 50 soon! Thanks for entering! :)

Find out more about our 6Motion LG Washing Machines here
*Only your first entry from each individual email address will be counted. Due to an error in posting the competition has been extended to the original ‘date’ of the 21st November! Good luck everyone!

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    LG said they managed to fit in 97 wooly hats and I was one of the 50 closest to the number. They said my winning bobble hat would keep me warm for Christmas. But to be fair to them, they didn’t say which Christmas! But if they ever wake up and read this blog – maybe they will send me an alternative prize. However if they had 97 – and gave away 50 (or 49 as they didn’t bother sending out mine) they
    should still have 48 left over.

    But I will be their greatest fan when they send me a new Smart LG OLED TV to make up for their error.

  • becky

    so how many hats was the answer ? what did you guess, terrible not sending prizes!

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    I never got my hat. Think I have more chance of the hair growing back and covering my head than getting my bobble hat from LG to cover it! :-(

  • becky

    So what was the answer ? Anyone had there hat yet? x

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    With memories of summer lost and gone
    And seasons on the fall
    The weather defers to climate change
    with a winter to top them all.

    Snow to keep us from our work,
    and temperatures set to tumble
    Wrap up warm and plan for cold
    and avoid a winter call bill.

    Twelve months ago my luck had changed
    with an email from LG
    A bobble hat to keep me warm
    A winning prize for me.

    But now I’ve fallen back to earth
    for it was not to be
    the bobble hat has not arrived
    because the best things in life aren’t free.

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    I guess that LG don’t monitor their blogs, or maybe it’s a case of “it’s someone else’s job” and posts are ignored. It’s not the value of the bobble hat that was won but not received. It’s the customer care values that emails are ignored and setting up a company blog that’s unmanned by the company . Doesn’t say much for a digital strategy, but suppose that’s something applied only by hi tech companies!

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    Ps Jackie Charles, how is the job working out with LG?

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    It’s coming up to another winter. Any chance I could receive my prize? I guess that after being in your washing machine my bobble hat has gone to the land of the spare sock. Ps I can send my details again if required.

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    Without my hair, I’m getting old. Without my hat, I’m getting cold. A bobble hat would do the trick, so where’s my hat – I need it quick.

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    Never received my hat – sent two additional emails after the original response with my details

  • RobT

    Not received mine yet either, And it’s snowing now so it would be useful!

  • C-tregs Tindale

    Hello, have you send the hats out yet as I still havent recevied mine?!
    Thank you!!!!

  • Rob T

    Yeah my head is getting cold now and I’m still waiting for my bobble hat too! Any chance we’ll get our woolly prizes before summer? :)

  • James Dalton

    Hi. When will you be sending the hats out to the winners, as it seems ages ago that I sent you my details?

  • jackie charles

    Great comp by great company