How to connect your Smart TV to the Internet

October 26th, 2012 by LG Blog UK

According to one UK study, only half of Smart TV owners knew that “Smart” meant their TVs could be directly connected to the internet without the need of another device. 1 in 4 had never used their Smart TV to connect to the internet.

Since TVs haven’t traditionally been associated with the web, the gradual learning curve makes sense. However, the process of connecting a Smart TV to the internet is simple and effortless – and for the “connected” – an amazing world of instant and often free access to favorite TV shows, hit movies, and innovative games and applications awaits.

With this in mind, the LG blog team wanted to take a few moments and share with readers how to connect their LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs to the internet – and get started exploring all the amazing features just waiting to be discovered.


Ethernet cable (or wireless modem/router)
Internet connection

Step 1

– With your TV turned “off,” connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your TVs LAN port as shown in the picture below. The other end of the Ethernet cable should be connected to an Ethernet equipped wall jack or router/modem.

Those connecting via a wireless network should skip to Step 2 below.

Connect the Ethernet Cable

Step 2

– Turn “on” your TV and use the Remote Control to navigate to the “Settings” icon by pressing the HOME and navigation buttons. (or save even more time by using your LG Magic Remote!)

Use the Remote Control to Navigate to SETTINGS

Step 3

– In the Settings menu, click on the “Network” icon which will direct to a list of options. Click “Network Connection.”

Select Network Connection

Step 4

– Click “Start Connection.”

Start Connection

Step 5

– Choose your network.

For those connecting via an Ethernet cable, click “Wired Network.”

For those connecting via a wireless connection, choose the appropriate wireless network and enter the security key for your network.

Wireless Network Settings

That’s it. Now you are connected to the Internet! To get started surfing the web, click on the internet icon in your Home Menu which will pull up a browser similar to the kind you use on your PC.
Welcome to to the world of the Internet on your LG Smart TV!

Be sure to try other Internet based apps as well like YouTube for videos, Facebook for social networking, and Netflix and Lovefilm for TV shows and movies to explore all the benefits of internet connectivity on your giant screen LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV!

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