Buy an LG Smart TV and get £50 Acetrax Movies credit!

October 22nd, 2012 by LG Blog UK

Get £50 Acetrax Credit NOW!
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  • Gareth

    Really displeased, still had credit on my acetrax account from the offer and all of a sudden its just disappeared. Not happy now as i feel it was just a con to get me using acetrax, if they can take credit from accounts like that i feel i might cancel all my card details too.

  • Paul

    Was happily watching my free acetrax movies on my new lg 3d smart tv which I set up in January and with £30 of credit remaining my account suddenly read £0.00 and was unable to log in. What’s going on?

  • ade

    I did everything properly and never got a code – A con. Now LG have tried contacting ACE TRAX and they don’t respond. Not happy.

  • petrolhad

    Thank you, I learned a lot from your article. It is really interesting and informative. Hope, you will give us more information concerning this issue.

  • sb

    Great I got this deal only to realise- no 3d movies at all. Meanwhile the USA gets $50 to spend on 3d movies from the new deal with Disney/Pixar!! sort it out LG – why second fiddle to US as always.