1 in 4 watch TV ‘on-demand’

May 1st, 2012 by LG Blog UK

YouGov’s new syndicated ‘Smart TV’ tracker has revealed that just over one in four (26%) Britons claim to spend more time watching TV through ‘on-demand’ services, such as BBC’s iPlayer and YouTube, than they do watching traditional ‘linear’ broadcast TV.

Usage of on-demand is even more pronounced amongst people aged 18 – 24 years; 41% of whom say the majority of the TV they watch is now ‘on demand’.

The tracker, which is conducted quarterly, dives deep into Smart TV ownership patterns by examining 1000 owners of Smart TV taken from YouGov extensive proprietary panel of 400,000 UK consumers.

Among people who own Smart TVs (ones that connect directly to the Internet without requiring any other device) over a third (35%) say that the majority of their TV viewing is ‘on demand’. This is also the case for over half (53%) of 18-24 year olds with a Smart TV and half (51%) of Smart TV owners with pre-school children.

LG Smart TV Dashboard Top Gear

More than 1m 3D TVs have been sold to date in Britain since their launch in April 2010. This rate is far higher than that recorded for the take-up of widescreen TVs and flatscreen TVs after they were launched.

Watch thousands of blockbuster films streamed directly from the internet to the TV. With LG SMART TV, you’re not restricted to one film provider – the choice is yours!

LoveFilm, BlinkBox, AceTrax & NetFlix are all available as well as BBC iPlayer and Youtube, meaning you can catch up with the past 7 days of TV & radio content.

For more information on LG’s 2012 range of 3D and Smart TVs visit us here

  • Sarah Wilson

    Samsung lease the app. LG can do nothing until the contract is up and is available for tender. Not really their fault, they don’t advertise 4od in their deal.

  • MarkW

    Looks like ITV Player is also exclusive to Samsung till 2014 along with the 4OD App. Not like there’s actually anything to watch on ITV player apart from soap operas!

  • Anonymous

    So recently we got demand 5 which is great as it’s ridiculous that the only UK on demand channel available was iplayer when other tvs had them all. Anyways with demand 5 on my LG TV it always goes back to the beginning of the show after an ad instead of continuing, really is annoying and have stopped using the app for that reason as just to get to the next part of a show I would have to forward back to the original place after each ad and after a while it gets super annoying. My TV has had 2 updates since and still no fix. Also please add itv player and 4od the main reason I got a smart TV was to have catch up TV for the main UK channels and if I had new LG only had one I would have gotten a TV with all of them. At least add a better updated browser with the latest Flash etc so we can watch has 4od and itv player on the browser at least.

  • ozbizbozzle

    So for us weirdos, does this then mean you can access 4OD etc. How do you access it? Thanks

  • George

    Dear everyone upset about the lack of a 4OD app: Samsung have an EXCLUSIVE deal with C4 for the app, so LG wont be supporting it until this deal ends, which im assuming is secret.

  • VoiceOfReason

    That sounds like your router was not fit for purpose not the network card in the tv idiot. You answered your own question you got a better router and problem solved also a clue in the fact the same problem was effecting two pieces of equipment. Makes me sick when people complain about stuff to a company when it is nothing to do with them. It’s not LG’s fault you had a crap router moron.

  • Suzanne

    I have purchased a smart tv today and set it up. It is connected to my wirless but i cannot get the iplayer. it says i need to disable request desktop site, what on earth does this mean and in simple terms how do i do this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.douglas.75286100 John Douglas

    I bought my LG plasma 5 months ago hoping it would be upgraded to more than just BBC I player but no…..Its a con!
    The big LG con take your pounds and run!!

  • Stu

    No catch up TV other than BBC !
    LG – Lying Gits

  • Will

    Very disappointed with the lack of 4OD, surely it just requires a software re-write to sort it? Come on LG you’ve had my money now I would like the catch up tv that is advertised!

  • Sandy Watson

    They say they are working with all major tv networks but I have it on good authority that all pre 2013 smart tvs will never support itv player, 4od or demand 5 so I would advise changing to Samsung or Panasonic who treat their customers with a bit more respect. Lifes Good LG’s crap. All talk no Knickers!

  • Chris Green

    The fact that only the only major catch-up that works on LG SMART sets is BBC iPlayer, is made all the more galling by the fact that a friend of mine (under my guidance, I might add) updated his Samsung SMART TV the other day and now has all FOUR main players, iPlayer, ITV Player 4OD and Demand5 – and they work.

  • SDR is the best

    Somewhat annoyed that we cannot get ITV catchup on our LG Smart TV. Wished I’d been told about this when I purchased the TV. If I had known I would have brought a Samsung instead (

  • SL7

    Spent a small fortune on a smart TV, now i’ve found out I can’t watch ITV Player on it – what a shambles! Try to speak to online support and this doesnt work either!!

  • disappointed lg owner

    bbc iplayer working on and off nothing else is to quote lg “Among people who own Smart TVs (ones that connect directly to the
    Internet without requiring any other device) over a third (35%) say that
    the majority of their TV viewing is ‘on demand’” the rest haven`t got itv player/4OD other wise it would be nearer 100%

  • bluerhino_0

    You can fix this – probably the power supply board – go to

    recycling_lives_fpd on ebay where you can get spares and see a video of how to do board level repairs

  • Nick

    Genuinely cannot believe that LG do not have 4OD as part of their app utensils, but do have stuff like Netflix and, uhm… Red Bull TV? I almost wonder why i paid £3,000 for a 3D Smart TV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulychilds Paul Childs

    Got a BD620 and although the lack of ITV, C4 and 5’s on demand services is a shame, I am extremely impressed with the picture quality of Netflix, Lovefilm and iPlayer so not going to complain too much.

    A few months back people were moaning about no iPlayer so surely these missing services will appear sooner or later.

  • maglite

    You lot are weirdo’s. just go on eBay, search for “Android 4.1 HDMI” and buy a mini HDMI computer stick that runs Android. Once you’ve got it, plug it into an HDMI socket and BOOM! Your TV now has Android!

  • Hordster

    I have an LG 42″ Plasma TV model 42PC3D

    We turned it on and sparks came from the back and it went black.

    Now. You turn it on and it makes it makes 2 clicking sounds (the first switches the red on/off light to green, the second click sounds and then the light goes from green to red a second later).

    Is there any way to reset this TV or is it fried?



  • notgotaname

    Sale of goods act wouldn’t cover that, you douche. I bet you’ve never even read it properly!

  • Andy

    Let’s face it, life may be good, but it’s not great!!!

  • Andy

    Let’s all just keep writing to LG asking when itv player is going to be available. I just contacted them to ask and got a ‘sorry it’s not available and there are no immediate plans etc’ This is just not good enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/huwie92 Huw Osian Jones

    Iplayer works, most of the time, but the lack of itv player etc is really disapointing.its the main reason for buying a smart tv.

  • s3owl

    Bbc iplayer works on my lg tv after i updated the software

  • Sam

    Called LG customer services to inform them that my tv seemed to be dropping network connectivity. Had no idea why, my iPad, pc, 2 x netbook, 2 x laptops all work fine, but tv kept dropping the LAN. (As did the LG blue ray player under the tv.) The guy at LG told me to move the router closer to the tv after telling asking me how far the telly was from the router. The answer was 10 metres and his response was that this was “Quite a long way!” Moving my tv closer to router was only solution to qualify this unbelievable statement from LG, as unable to move router. I moved tv off the wall and the tv does work when within 2 metres of the router! Network card is not fit for purpose, however spending £100 on a very decent router and repeating wifi has allowed my tv to satisfactorily play iplayer stuff.
    No availability of 4OD or ITV player makes me now regret spending out on what is otherwise a good telly. Surely LG could look to remedy the lack of useful on-demand apps available to LG customers, even if they cannot remedy the useless network cards in their televisions!

  • Bharat

    i got lg smart 3D TV 42″ which you can connect to the internet via cable or wifi. from last few days many apps in my tv stopped working. means they are not opening at all such as lovefolms, youtube,bbc iplayer. but some of them are working very fine. I do not know what to do about it. I do not know whom to contact.

  • bb-builder

    iPlayer still not working on LG smart TVs if you have TT worked fine up to march 2012 then everyone got the same constant buffing problem some kind of update needed from LG/BBC/TalkTalk come on guys get this sorted

  • Alan

    Most disappointed with LG. I bought a Smart TV in July especially to watch catch up TV Like 4OD. 5 on demand etc. Was told it would work. It does not!! Only BBC I Player works. LG Tech Support just says there is no date agreed to fix this!!!!!

  • Albilbs

    I just spent £900 on one mainly for I player.ive been in touch with lg 3 times, they don’t say what the problem is,but the asked who was my ISP ,I said TT he said that could be the problem. So I carted my tv around to a few friends ,2 with bt 1 with adsl24 NO I player.
    I bought this tv off eBay ,,,,,,silly me currys or comet they would have had it back by now .thats the last lg product I’ll be buying

  • http://www.facebook.com/BaRoN30s Neil Arnold

    i would like to know whats suppose to be SMART on LG’s TV’s as up to now iv found nothing of interest and its just off silly stupid apps that no one will ever use.. I bought this TV hoping to be able to use catch up TV like Iplayer and 4OD… would not recommend these tv’s to anyone & now thinking of selling mine on at a loss as its Useless not smart…

  • Marcus

    I’ve been watching iPlayer on my LG smart tv since December in both hd and regular, itv4 player on the other hand….

  • Georgew39

    Just complained to LG support re lack of itv player on my LG H2000. Was told that ITV and LG cannot reach agreement on this and no date can be given when this becomes available. 
    Outrageous in my opinion that when buying this is not made apparent.

  • LSW

    It doesn’t work though!!! Iplayer does not work on the lg smart tvs yet it’s fine on my ps3 and laptop! I bought it a week ago to use for iplayer at times to only find it says comig soon?? I can’t stream it through the ps3 as that’s connected to a different tv. Very poor service LG. I have come to expect better!!

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk LG Blog UK

      Hi, we’re sorry for the delays with IPlayer and are working with the BBC to get it fixed ASAP. Unfortunately this error has affected many other iplayer devices due to an unexpected change on their servers. Apologies again.

  • Stu hurst

    Do not buy the LG TVs if you want iPlayer – IT DOES NOT WORK and there is no date for it to be fixed. I am going to return mine as under the sale of goods act its misleading.

  • Annoyed of Cambridge

    I agree with Ash Elford – we have just bought a new LG TV only to find BBC iPlayer doesn’t work.  I cannot believe the whole app has been pulled just because it doesn’t work over one internet provider.  Why hasn’t the old version been reinstated while the fix for TalkTalk is developed?  At least then most of your customers would be happier.  I am very unimpressed and am seriously considering swapping the TV for another brand!

  • http://twitter.com/ashelford Ash Elford

    I won’t be viewing any on-demand content, as my LG Smart TV doesn’t have BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player, Demand5 or 4OD…. you know the most used on-demand services in the UK. 

    Any idea if/when they are coming?