April 23rd, 2012 by LG Blog UK

Yesterday was Earth Day, where we were inspired to look after our planet! Our planet, our home is being neglected. Climate change continues unabated. It seems there’s a new ecological disaster happening almost daily. This Earth Day it’s time to mobilize the planet from the ground up to send a message that the Earth won’t wait! The Earth Day Network set a target of 1,000,000,000 “Acts of Green” and you can still pledge yours here

You can also do your bit with LG’s range of energy efficient Direct Drive Washers & Dishwashers and Linear Compressor Fridge Freezers that reach A+++ Energy Efficiency Class. Our 12kg washing machine & TrueSteam Dishwasher have also been awarded the Waterwise checkmark in recognition of their low water consumption. Find out more about LG & Waterwise here


  • LG repair parts

    You’re able to wash anything in this machine without wasting a drop of
    water, saving you money and energy. It cleverly weighs the size of your
    load from your smalls to your duvet and measures the ideal amount of
    water to get the best wash performance.

  • Paul

    It’s nice to see at least someone who cares about the environment, but we’re a long way off saving the planet just by buying a new washing machine that has 6 ways of doing the same thing….