LG 2012 Smart TV

March 29th, 2012 by LG Blog UK

Our brand new shiny TV’s for 2012 just got a whole lot smarter, with a new sophisticated look, enhanced customisation, and a whole bunch of outstanding new features!

Your Favourite Films & Shows on Demand

Watch thousands of blockbuster films streamed directly from the internet to the TV. With LG SMART TV, you’re not restricted to one film provider – the choice is yours!

LoveFilm, BlinkBox, AceTrax & NetFlix are all available as well as BBC iPlayer, meaning you can catch up with the past 7 days of TV & radio content.

bbc iplayer

Everything is just where it is supposed to be, giving you clean and easy access to the smart features you want. The elegance is highlighted by our upgraded “cards” feature, which organises all your favorite app collections into convenient groups of eight. The new Home Dashboard has even more cards for Premium Apps, 3D World, LG Smart World, Smart Share and more.

Smart TV Home Dashboard

The Premium Apps card offers a wide-range of premium Smart TV services, starting from streaming content to social media services. It will have fully customised premium apps available for different countries around the world. Our 3D World will give you access to all different kinds of 3D video-on-demand, and LG Smart World is the App store for your CINEMA 3D Smart TV, offering tons of applications of all different genres for download with the simple click of your remote.

And there is plenty of room for customisation, letting you fill your own cards with tons of apps available on LG Smart World. Once your new cards are set, rearrange the order simply by clicking and dragging the cards in the order you’d like, and voila! All your cards are organized how you want them to be.

Once you’re done, it’s even easier to take advantage of the powerfully smart features that your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV has to offer.

LG Smart TV Dashboard
For example, check out the LG Smart World card, which opens a whole world of apps at the LG Smart TVs application store. Everything you download from there will show up on the My Apps bar at the bottom of the screen. See below.

Smart TV Dashboard My Apps Section
The My Apps bar is the other star attraction. From there, apps can be launched with just a click, or you can access the full screen menu version of My Apps by clicking on the square icon to the left of where it says “My Apps.”

LG Smart TV My Apps

Head to the full screen menu and all your favourites will be there to manage as you want, either by putting them on the quick launch bar or deleting ones you don’t use any more.
The live TV screen view, meanwhile, keeps you in touch with all the action of your favorite shows while you surf through the world of smart apps.

LG Smart TV Dashboard Top Gear
Navigating directly to the My Apps bar is even possible using the My Apps button using the Magic Remote. Simple, yet powerful, and oh so convenient.

Did we mention that every new CINEMA 3D Smart TV comes with the 2012 upgraded Home Dashboard?

To find out even MORE info on the Smart TV function and new 2012 range visit us here

Disclaimer: Menus, Apps and features may differ depending on your country.

  • David

    Can any one help me with this one < I have a 32LS575T-ZD and it is connected through smartshare to my home network to watch movies from my NAS drive connected to my router. the problem is it only shows 42 pages of Icons so films with file names above the letter T are not shown to click on to play is this an issue with the current range as I dont want to go and buy a new TV and have this issue. Also can the new TV read a 5TB hard drive connected via a USB

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  • Tomislav Brajkovic

    Fix the uk firmware bug, with latest update the my apps button is not working.

  • neal1

    i just loaded the 3d world and all the paid films are gone, i wanted to see live die repeat again, but nothing is there, are they being updaded

  • Simon Howroyd

    Well I finally found a solution to the wifi apps crashing all the time and not working. Bought a chromecast. Cost me £30 and it’s flawless so far. Annoying though because I could have bought a £30 better TV with a bit more customer support!

  • smarty Shan

    Hi Evelyne, I have same problem here (Sign in) and (all smart world) are missing how can I fix them ??

  • smarty Shan

    Hi Team,
    LG Smart TV 2013 I cannot find the (sign in) icon, it is missing and all smart world function are also disappeared I don’t know why so please Help!
    How can I sign in and use smart world?
    I only have 3 icons at the top right corner :Network, back, and Edit . How can I fix it????

    • Damey

      Did you ever find the solution smarty shan?

      • Samah

        I see that you posted this two months ago, did you find a solution?

        • Kamran

          Solution is in the country service in the settings. When the country is changed, it disappears. Choose the right country service, it will appear again.

    • Samah

      The same thing is happening to me! Please update us if you found a solution!

      • roger

        same thing happened here…. any solution?

  • FansChinese Thai Takeaway Lurg

    Hi, when I watch Friends or other shows on Comedy Central, there is an annoying woman who talks over it, explaining everything the characters are doing, it’s like an aide for blind people (eg Monica walks into the coffee house and sits down)….any help as to
    How to turn this off would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

  • Paul Reddington

    Can anyone help me please, I have downloaded 3D film on my computer and have it linked to my TV, when i try to watch them even though it says it is full screen i have the black lines at the top and bottom of the screen so cannot watch them as do not get the best effects of 3D,,its driving me mad,can anyone assist me please..

  • Queenie Ann

    How do I delete apps I have started on my LG smart tv

  • mick

    You seem to have lost my last comment. My LG ‘smart’ (sic) TV has stopped playing movies via blinkbox – just gives me an error. The even ‘smarter’ people at blinkboix are telling me to reload the app onto the TV. But how do you reload an app on this ridiculous TV?

  • Anonymous

    I agree Michelle. LG could give us a bit more flexibility in choosing the resolution.

  • Michelle

    I have a reliable 30mbps stream, it is sufficient to watch HD on the computer, but not enough to watch it on the LG HD TV? Seems to me, the problem is not in the internet connection.
    Why is there no option of manually switching the toggle from 1080 / 720 / 480 / 360 – like there is on the computer? Why the TV decides by itself that i should watch 360p? This moment was not thought through, what do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Michelle this usually happens when your internet speed is not high enough to smoothly stream the higher resolution images.

  • N0t505martTV

    Same problem here too. Worked fine before update now all I get is 25 mins of viewing before having to close my browser and restarting.

  • Olivier

    Evelyn, I have a 47″ LG Smart 3DTV – 47LA6210 – and it is the same thing for me. The sign in icon does not appear at the top right corner. By any chance, do you happen to have an internet speed < 2 Mbps like me? That might explain it.

  • Michelle

    Hi, just bought the 2013 42″ LG Smart TV, and my problem is that youtube starts playing video in HD and then switches to PAL 320p by it’s own, and i can not figure out how to switch it back again. Seems to me, that there is no such opportunity. If it is so, it is very stupid to buy an HD TV with no option of playing HD videos from YouTube. Is there a solution to my problem, or is returning the TV back the simplest solution?

  • Evelyne


    In my 2012 LG Smart TV I cannot find the sign in icon, it is missing.
    How can I sign in?
    I only have 4 buttons:
    – Network
    – Edit
    – Back
    – Go back to tv

    Any help?
    I need to sign in to be able to read my memory stick.


  • Ali

    My LG smart TV (47LM6610) have same problem… what can I do?

  • Marco

    I am using my 47″ LG TV as a menu board for my restaurant. It is a still picture from my flash drive that doesn’t rotate. The picture turns off after 5 minutes but the other tv that has a rotating menu display works fine. I turned off the economy mode but the one with the still picture disappears after 5 minutes. The third tv I use for another menu board with still shot disappears after 5 minutes, also which tells me it’s the TV not the flash drives. Would appreciate any help.

  • Roderick McLeod

    Good day. Just bought a 47″ LG62. 2013 model. Have a BIG issue with buffering streamed movies (netflix & lovefilm) simpyl not happening. Download speeds are good and we can watch these on other TV’s and devices. This is a real problem, film sound stops after 3 minutes or pictures freeze/ go black.

    Any solutions or work arounds? I WILL send the TV back if none forthcoming

  • kumar

    hi i am kumar from norway did you solve the problem, because i purchased an lg tv it has the same problem as yours. can you help me with this

  • Ceto

    memory out reload the web page !!!! ,most flash player has audio with white picture ? so I have to bring it back and please think again and again to change this smart TV to real smart TV sorry LG I’m disappointed.

  • laughingman

    I own a lg 42lm660s “Smart” TV. I have the problem that the dsl speed over tv is much too slow. I have an 50000 kB/s DSLconnection BUT when using the TV LAN or WLAN I get a max speed of 8000 kB/s down. Because of that all apps using www are not working properly (maxdome/youtube,etc.) Also all www sites are loading too slow. Are there any solutions? Sorry for the bad typing I used the magic remote…

  • Mike T

    ‘Smart’ tv? It’s an embarrassment. ‘Out of memory’ after one button press on the browser and seemingly no way of clearing it (yes, I’ve tried all the obvious stuff). I take some solace from 11,000 people being aware of my experience through my blog and what I’ve tweeted about it. LG, it’s simply not good enough.

  • Søren

    Hi LG arter the recent software Update i have the same issue, when starting youtube via the browser, the browser Crashes and “out of memory” is printed i a prompt window

  • Sukhvinder

    Same problem in my tv, it wont play you tube app, error will show out of memory.and tv is only 5 months old. LG team please look into it.

  • Dejan

    Same problem here….LG 42LM620S…..

  • tsoom

    Same problem

  • ang

    exactly same thing happening here

  • dhushor prohor

    how can i upgreat internal memory.or how can i aboed out of memory problem?

  • davincie

    same thing is happening with mine any solution yet?

  • Auris Auris

    Hello LG, can you tell me how to delete memory? because I watching online tv but now saids OUT OF MEMORY and turning off… Can I plug external hard drive or memory stick and it will solve the problem? LG please fix this problem with new update!!! 😐 my tv is LG 42LS575T

  • ash

    Come on where is 4od and itv player nd 5od this is discusting lg this will be last tv i get of you unless its sorted

  • Sonmatrax

    47LM960V İnternet ortamından film izlerken yetersiz bellek hatası veriyor.Çözüm varmıdır ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/moe.charaf.9 Moe Charaf

    hi their i have lg 47lm6200 but i don’t have store to download any apps