January 19th, 2012 by LG Blog UK

Amazon’s LOVEFiLM today announced it is working with global electronics company LG to bring LOVEFiLM’s video streaming service, LOVEFiLM Instant, to LG’s award winning Smart TV platform. This deal will give UK film fans yet another option to watch LOVEFiLM’s vast range of films and TV episodes instantly on their big screen.

The LG Smart TV platform already boasts over 250 applications in the UK, with access to almost limitless content on demand via the Internet. The addition of LOVEFiLM Instant, which provides a unique offering of instantly streamed films and TV episodes, is LG’s first ever film and TV subscription streaming application.

LOVEFiLM recently introduced an unlimited streaming-only package which provides access to films and TV shows via LOVEFiLM Instant for an introductory price of 4.99 per month.

LOVEFiLM members watching movies via LOVEFiLM Instant on LG TVs will have instant access to thousands of titles, with a continually growing library.

UPDATED : LOVEFiLM is currently available NOW! on selected LG UK Smart TV devices.
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Exclusive streaming access to titles such as sci-fi action sequel Terminator Salvation, RED starring Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis, Batman sequel The Dark Knight, breakout comedy The Hangover and mystery thriller Unknown, will be available from launch.

Forthcoming titles on LOVEFiLM Instant will include Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal and family animation Gnomeo & Juliet.

The application will also enable members to manage their movie rental list, rate movies, read reviews and search movies by cast and crew. Members can also find films within the bespoke collections via LG TVs, which will make it easier than ever to discover new favourites.

Functionality is further enhanced by LG’s Magic Motion Remote, which is controlled by movements and gestures, instead of buttons.

LOVEFiLM Instant is already available on 175 devices including gaming consoles, a growing number of Internet-connected TV sets, Blu-ray players, tablets and PCs. The agreement with LG further extends LOVEFiLM’s offering into the direct-to-TV market and into even more homes across the UK.

Simon Calver, CEO of Amazon’s LOVEFiLM, said:
“With this latest platform launch we are strengthening our penetration into the living rooms of UK consumers, bringing instant entertainment to more homes than ever before. With every new platform launch we take another step towards our goal of being available to as many people, in as many ways as possible.”

Stacey Seltzer, Head of LG Smart TV, said:
“We are very excited to add Amazon’s LOVEFiLM to the already extensive range of content on LG’s Smart TV platform. LG’s Smart TV provides a powerful new offering in home entertainment and we have invested significantly in this technology. Working with Amazon’s LOVEFiLM is further proof of LG’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible service.”

LOVEFiLM is an company and is Europe’s largest subscription service, streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet and sending DVDs by post.

UPDATED : LOVEFiLM is currently available NOW! on selected LG UK Smart TV devices

  • Richard

    I have the same problem with the Lovefilm streaming on the 620 & 630, looks like it’s going to work then goes back to menu, got charged for picking the paid one to see if it made any difference, don’t do it! Netflix works a treat, will have to go back, wish I hadn’t been tempted by the Prime offer.

  • jmawilliams

    I now have two BP620s purchased for 3D bluray and Lovefilm streaming. Unfortunately with Amazon Prime the lovefil streaming fails to work – looks like it’s about to work each time and then goes back to menu….(attempted streaming timeout been set too short? Definately a change in the last week as Lovefil worked on Monday/Tuesday….stopped on Wednesday – is there a new software update to follow? Application is there….just doesn’t work! Jon

  • Mara

    so in which LG I will have lovefilm, i used to have it but now desapeared

  • pkr

    Why does the Love film app not work any more on my LV550t tv? This facility was one of the reasons I bought the TV. Will never buy LG again. I now have a rubbish “smart” TV.

  • Sarah

    Absolutely outraged that Lovefilm has been taken off my TV. LG you total con artists!! I will never buy another LG product again!!

  • Neil

    Thanks for taking lovefilm off my TV!

    You’ve lost my custom and recommendation.

  • ivorf

    In response to the posts below: I have contacted LoveFilm regarding the disappearance of their app on my 2011 LG Smart TV, which I bought less than two years ago. It seems that the LoveFilm app has been terminated for LG sets of this age. Exactly the same thing happened with the Netflix app a short time ago. I do not know if TVs from other manufacturers have received the same treatment from these content providers. I do wonder, however, what this tells us about the underlying attitude of the content providers to customer service and the maintenance of their brand image. Do they regard two-year-old sets as ready for the recycling heap? As I bought the set precisely because of the streaming content it offered, I feel very let down by these content providers. Whether LG could have brought pressure to bear on them, I do not know. One thing I am certain of however, is that next time I am in the market for a TV, I shall be looking for guarantees of continued support for streaming services and choose the manufacturer accordingly. If such guarantees are not forthcoming, I shall simply by a “dumb” screen for display and attach tuners and set-top boxes of my choice. There is no point for paying for a function that ceases to be supported by major content providers after such a short period.

  • Rob

    I am really disappointed with LG for the lack of apps on my smart tv 2011. Now LoveFilm has just been removed as well. Why would I buy from them again when rivals offer far more conent.

  • John

    The Lovefilm app has just disappeared from my lg tv. Has this happened to anyone else and how do I get it back?

  • Ron Logan

    Can anybody at Lg please explain why love films is not available on some smart TV’s of a certain age even though the app worked perfectly before a certain date. A straight answer would be good even if it not what we want to hear.If you show no respect for your previous customer base then I suspect most of them will transfer their loyalty to your competitors. Not only are you doing your customers a disservice you are tarnishing your own company reputation.

  • Aeros

    So, Lovefim no longer streams to my LG 47LW980T as it’s now “too old” having been purchased new in Jan2012 ??? Clearly it USED to be possible to steam to this TV LG app but for some reason someone has decided to stop this? I suspect a row between LG and Lovefilm, perhaps relate to the Amazon takeover? It’s disgusting to unilaterally change terms of my contract so that the TV I bought so that I can stream fils etc. is now useless… I want to hear that Lovefilm are going to fix this problem or I for one will recommend never buying anything from Amazon, Lovefim or LG because they can’t be trusted to deliver what you buy…

  • deano

    still no update for BD660 for love film. What is going on LG

  • Paul Childs

    I’ve got this model – Netflix and Lovefilm both on it with HD streaming.

  • Chris Kemp

    I have a LG which has Netcast and is about 2yrs old. It has always been connected to Internet but I don’t think it has EVER had an update. LG initially appear to be good value, but I wouldn’t buy one again simply due to their shocking lack of support/updates. I don’t believe it is to do with compatibility, they just want you to throw the tv away and spend more money. Manufacturers should not be able to get away with this, why do they not have any corporate responsibility for the environment?

  • andy

    I have an lg42ld490 with netscape, can i use this for lovefilm? cheers

  • Mem

    I have just bought an LG BP620. I understood that it would have ?lovefilm. Could somebody with this Blu ray Player confirm that Lovefilm now works on this player before I open the packaging, otherwise I will of course take it back.


    Anyone know if there is a work around were people in the US can watch it it? There are some UK only shows that I would LOVE to watch and this might be the answer.

  • Donna Cheltenham

    I bought a 47″ LG LE5900 2 years ago sold to me as a “smart TV” exiting, we can get new apps and was even told we can use skpe…but wasn’t aware we had to buy a dongle..after seeing lovefilm advertised everywhere as working on all LG “smart” TV’s I bit the bullet and bought a £40 dongle..connected no problems but guess app store…so I contacted customer services only to be told TV’s with netcast are not full smart TV’s and no updates will ever be made so we can not add new apps. :-(

  • Dave107

    When will the BD660 be updated to use LOVEFILM. LF clearly states ALL LG blu-rays, purchased since November 2011 will be compatible. Bought mine June 2012, think the label on the blu-ray states Feb 2012 on it, so how come, even on latest update, it doesn’t offer LF. I think netcast was on it, but not LF… Answers on a postcard, with a gift voucher for my inconvenience