LG Smart TV Remote App

December 4th, 2011 by LG Blog UK

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV
Did you know you can turn your Android or iOS smartphone into remote control for your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV? Well, you can and it’s pretty cool and easy to use.

Step one is to download and install it from either your Android or iOS app store. Just search for “LG Remote App”. It’s free.

Step two, you need to pair the app with your LG TV. As long as your smart phone and smart TV are connected to your home Wi-Fi network, this is a snap. After you launch the LG TV Remote App, it will automatically scan for your TV. Once it finds it, just tap “connect” and watch the TV for a code to appear. Plug that in, and you’re good to go.

LG Remote App

Search, Connect, Pair!

Step three, Enjoy! Here are some of the features you’ll find on the menu.

1. Volume, Channel, and “My CH”

The volume and channel changers are self-explanatory. Just use one of the two sets of rockers that appear on your phone, and swipe up and down to adjust. What’s really cool is the “My CH” feature, which lets you create a list of your favorite channels that you can surf back and forth between. Whenever you’re on a channel you like, just tap My CH and add it to your favorites. Once it’s saved, you can always go back with just a few simple touches of the finger.

2. Touch Pad

LG Remote App

This menu works like a normal touch pad on a notebook computer. Just put your finger on the smartphone screen and the Magic Motion pointer will appear on your TV. Now, we’re not saying that it’ll replace your Magic Motion Remote Control, but it definitely gets the job done in a very admirable way.

3. Buttons

Even if you don’t really get into the functionality of our Magic Motion Remote Control, you can go old school with this feature, which replicates all your key navigation functions of the standard LG remote that comes with the TV.

4. Settings.

Use these to customize the app, change your vibration effects, sound effects, and even your touchpad sensitivity.

5. The QWERTY Keyboard
This is probably our favorite feature on the app, because it’s perfect for surfing the web and doing searches from your couch. And it’s super intelligent. Whenever you are surfing or using Smart TV menus that require keyboard input, the LG Remote App realizes it and launches a keyboard on your smartphone. All from within the app! A smart way that makes your Smart TV even smarter.

  • Vane

    I have a 2014 LG Smart Cinema 3D TV And I can’t pair my iPhone 5 with it. Can anyone help me with this?

  • sharon

    my iphone can’t find my smart tv keeps saying ‘no device found’ any idea’s why?

  • SK

    Hi I have a lg 42ln578v, however the lg tv remote app can’t find my tv to connect. Both my IPhone and tv is connected to the same wifi. Any suggestions – Thanks.

  • inquiring mind

    I can’t get the keyboard with this app. I get the mouse pointer screen, the remote screen with the volume and channel controls, and the page for the TV apps etc, but I can’t advance to a keyboard page. does anyone know how to access the keyboard from this app? Thanks!

  • Rey

    What about w8 App? I am tired to see how companies discriminate wp8. We are many customers already owning a Windows phone. In 27 countries, wp8 has more market share than iPhone. Come on guys, listen to us.

  • Ib Rene Cario

    Great, there is NO “code” appering, so what to do, has been working before.

  • iwo newholland

    Lg remote app is avaiable ( trial or payware edition) on wp8 by VRobcsek( not official). It is working fine with my lm 620s.

  • karthik

    Ive seen this question posted, but no definitive answer. Will LG be creating a wp8 app, similar to what you have for android and iPhone?

  • A Layman

    I am chair-bound with only a laptop to hand, Can Ii control the TV? I have a local wi-fi nework.

  • ems73

    I just brought a new LG smart television, and I’m disapointed to find no Windows phone app to use as remote, is there any sign it will come soon?

  • maView

    I own a “LG 55LA7408″ an need a windows phone app.
    is an wp8 app in planning?


  • http://www.poojim.com poojim

    Try the Nokia’s “Play To” app at windowsphone store.

  • Phil Bond

    Also lg tv media player app

  • Phil Bond


  • Phil Bond

    I like the app but I don’t have AV on the iPhone I get a message that I need to enable live TV? Also have to have TV wireless not wired – connection only works for me that way? Mute and power off would be good. Power on is not possible – when TV off remote app wont find it!!

  • Andreas Greiner

    Why no Windows Phone 8 App?

  • Charlie

    Hi, I have just spent a small fortune that took me a long time to save on an Lg55la860w smart 3d tv. Its excellent but I have a Nokia Lumia 620 windows phone which I also love. Is there any way I can share my photo’s from my phone with the tv without having to connect the phone with a wire, I.E. can I send my photo’s wirelessly to the tv.

  • Leo-Lumia

    Hi, I am one of the many millions of windows phone users, wondering why LG doesn’t have an app for it. Surely LG could afford the small cost of creating a windows phone 8 app? Or is it a political / legal thing? In other words will LG ever support it or should I take LG off my radar?

  • raves

    Answer of LG CZ/SK:
    Hello Peter, LG TV Remote will continue only for Android and iOS.

  • riesm

    And what about Windows Phone 8?

  • guest

    3 month later: will the app available on Windows Phone 8?

  • Dawn Skinner

    Hi, my lg remote was working on my iPhone but now when I open app, it tells me to connect to tv but dies not show my model, but it’s been working for over a week, and now wont

  • Psyanideacid

    indeed, power feature will be awesome!

  • Psyanideacid

    Hi , LG TV Remote app version – 3.0.40 – not showing video, or streaming from tv to phone, I am using Samsung S3 mini..any thought?everything else is working 100%

  • Psyanideacid

    Hi, please connect your tv to the WIFI, then you will receive a code, you need to be online with your tv, but only to get the code

  • Vilnis Schulz

    How about POWER on/off feature?