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At IFA 2011, LG Electronics (LG) will be showing off its 12kg-capacity, 6 Motion Direct Drive front load washing machine, a high-performance washer with a raft of innovative features. The 6 Motion Direct Drive accommodates the full range of fabric types with six different drum motions. Large drum capacity in a standard size machine means fewer loads, fewer laundry days, and more free time. In addition, superior energy efficiency, 20 percent higher than on conventional A+++ rated washing machines, pro-vides customers with extra peace of mind.

LG 12kg Washing machine
“The 12kg front load washing machine represents a big step forward in helping custom-ers take more control over their washing and their home’s energy use,” said Young-ha Lee, CEO and President of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “With features such as 6 Motion Direct Drive and the A+++ rating, we’re showing that we can combine market leading performance and eco-friendliness in a single, highly innovative machine. Once again, we’re demonstrating that improving customers’ lives while improving the environment is the motor that drives everything we do.”

6 Motion Direct Drive for Better Washing Performance
LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive is the key to the new washing machine’s exceptional wash-ing performance. The six drum cycles – Tumbling, Scrubbing, Filtration, Rolling, Step-ping and Swing – are engineered and programmed to ensure that various clothing types, from delicate silk garments to rugged work jeans, are washed properly.

The drum is powered by LG’s Inverter Direct Drive™ motor, an advanced technology that eliminates the belts and pulleys found in conventional motors. This simplified de-sign structure delivers power more effectively while reducing energy consumption, re-sulting in the A+++ energy rating. The reduction in friction between motor parts allows greater durability, along with less noise and vibration. The Inverter Direct DriveTM motor has been verified by VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik), one of Europe’s most pres-tigious technical associations, as maintaining perfect operations through 2,200 cycles, the equivalent of around 10 years of wash cycles on LG’s washing machine. The In-verter Direct DriveTM motor guarantees this durability with a 10-year warranty.

Larger Capacity Means More Free Time
At 12kg, the new washing machine boasts the largest inner capacity among all washers in the standard 24-inch exterior size. It easily accommodates bulkier items like curtains and duvets, and because more items can be washed at the same time, the washer cuts down on extra loads – on average, the 12kg washer runs some 40 percent fewer loads than the 7kg model over the course of a year. Compared with a 7kg capacity washer, this means 105 washes a year rather than 179, bringing significant savings in energy, water and electricity bills.
LG Washing Machine
TrueSteamTM Offers Benefits for Fabric as well as for Family Health
With LG’s TrueSteamTM technology, customers can enjoy the benefit of effectively ster-ilised, deodorised, and soft, fluffed up laundry. The built-in Allergy Care feature en-sures that allergen debris such as mites, pollen and dust are removed, making washing more hygienic and friendly to allergy sufferers – these health-related benefits have been certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF). What’s more, the steam cycle re-quires only 20 minutes, saving water, time and energy.

The 12kg front load washer will be on display at the LG Home Appliance booth in Hall 1.1.

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  • perseusmh .

    THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED! This is a warning to anyone considering buying an LG washing machine DON’T! I have been trying to have mine repaired for nearly 3 months!!!!!!!!! They subcontract out without telling you and them when I tried to book a morning slot to have the engineer come out I was told even though they had no bookings that day if a later booking came closer to their office they would Not come to my house and that I would have to have someone at home between 8am and 6pm!!!!!!! With another company you can book a4 hour slot or at very least a morning or afternoon slot.
    I have tried to discuss this with LG customer service but they said “it has nothing to do with us” Nothing to do with You!!!!!!!!!! You subcontract the work to these people.
    It has been a nightmare from start to finish, I will NEVER buy an LG product again and I strongly advise anyone here to do the same it is simply not worth it.

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    Looks very promising, do you guys have a model name for the washer yet, or any price and release date info?

  • Anonymous

    It’s incredible. It’s looks very impressive. I like this washing machine and Want to buy it. I have read a review of it.

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk Dave@LGUK

      Thanks! we’re very proud of our Direct Drive technology. This allows us to always come up with new and improved washing machines! (and now, Dishwashers!)