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June 9th, 2011 by LG Blog UK
Launched at Intersolar 2011, the world’s largest solar exhibition running in Munich currently, the Mono X TM and Multi X TM solar modules are both more efficient than conventional models. In fact 8.3% and 4.3% more efficient respectively. The Mono X has the highest energy efficiency among all LG modules in its class. It also runs at 260W, compared to the normal 240W, which results in greater efficiency, as well as being designed to be easier and less expensive to install. The Multi X has LG’s advanced surface treatment, meaning that the surface absorbs more sunlight, energy output is much greater than...
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Nintendo step up their game with the Wii U

June 8th, 2011 by LG Blog UK
I have incredibly fond memories of my NES. It was my first games console and if I say so myself I was awesome at Duck Hunt – especially when compared to my brother who cheated and held the light gun up against the TV screen! Four generations of games consoles later and Nintendo released a game changer with the Wii, bringing motion sensitive gaming to a mass market with the wireless Wii remote. The Wii has been an unequivocal success, to date outselling its two main competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3. However there are a group of hardcore...
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Windows 8 sees the light of day

June 7th, 2011 by LG Blog UK
We recently covered the news that the Windows Phone 7 OS was getting an update currently named Mango that addressed many of the problems with the current mobile OS. Well Microsoft have announced their new OS, code named Windows 8, at the D9 conference. Borrowing heavily from the Windows Phone 7 OS, Windows 8 is a touchscreen interface that looks specifically designed with tablet use in mind, despite clearly stating that it will be compatible with tablets, laptops and conventional desktop PCs. The biggest change from current Windows interfaces is the decision to replace the classis ‘Start’ homescreen that has been...
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Connected Home Global Summit 2011

June 6th, 2011 by LG Blog UK
The 24th to the 26th of May saw the Connected Home Global Summit 2011 taking place in London, with a number of industry specialists on hand to offer their insight into the development of the connected home. We may be some way from the ultimate consumer dream of a connected home, but the overall conclusions drawn from the speakers was positive, with Google’s Industry Head Kevin Mathers saying that the rate of change means we may not be as far from the dream as first thought. It was almost unanimously agreed that the devices that will dominate the connected home for the...
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June 2nd, 2011 by LG Blog UK
Saturday’s big match may not have gone the way the red half of Manchester would have wanted, as Barcelona claimed their record breaking fourth European title in a 3-1 victory. But those lucky enough to be present at LG’s Life’s Good celebration at The Raynes Park Tavern in London will surely all agree that a good night was had by all, as hundreds of fans packed in to enjoy the game in 3D. With Tim Lovejoy was host for the evening, with former Fulham and West Ham legend Tony Gale and former Olympic athlete Iwan Thomas also present. They hung out...
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Congratulations to Nvidia for winning Computex’s Best Choice award

June 1st, 2011 by LG Blog UK
Upon their release mobile phones were a true yuppie status symbol, reserved for the go-getters of the world to prove their status. Admittedly this status was slightly marred by the fact that using one for a long period of time was likely to result in an oversized bicep due to the massive size of the original wave of mobile phones. Thankfully technology has done what it does best and evolved to the point where we now have super slim and lightweight devices like the LG Optimus Black and the lightning fast LG Optimus 2X. In fact the latter is packing...
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