Smart TV – Easy to Use

May 12th, 2011 by LG Blog UK

We have been talking a lot about our new Cinema 3D technology on the blog lately, discussing the advantages over Active 3D as well as our partnership with Sky as their first choice in 3D TVs. But Cinema 3D is not our only new addition to our Home Entertainment range for 2011, we have also introduced Smart TV to our rostra of great tech.

Easy to use:

Smart TV, in the simplest terms, allows you to access the best of the internet directly on the big screen in an intuitive and easy way! This includes TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps and a Launch Bar. When you press the Smart TV button on your remote you will be greeted with the following dashboard:

This menu can be navigated with your standard remote. But we have come up with solutions to make this easier for you.

Magic Motion Remote Control

In a similar manner to the Wii remote, the LG Magic Motion Remote allows for a point and click style navigation of the menus and sub-menus. You can also drag, flick, and select your preferences easily, without the hassle of using multiple buttons and arrow keys.

If that wasn’t easy enough you can also download an application that allows you to navigate Smart TV through your iPhone or Android device. With a touchscreen interface allowing you to move the onscreen cursor by moving your finger on your phone screen, the app is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace

Smart Share

LG Smart Share is another great feature to make your life easier. With Smart Share you can access music, videos and photos from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone wirelessly! Using DLNA you can set up a network to access multiple DLNA certified devices to stream your content onto your TV.

Smart Share’s Media Link also converts your multimedia into a designer library, pulling detailed information for your music and films by automatically searching for more information from the web. The plot summary, cast director, viewer ratings, and other related information are displayed on screen instantly.

Connect to Smart TV wirelessly

To access Smart TV on your enabled LG TV you need not connect your TV to the router, trailing wires across the living room to trip over. Instead you can use the LG Wi-Fi dongle that presents you with a simple set of onscreen instructions to set up once plugged into your TV.

We will cover more of the great features of LG’s Smart TV soon.

Smart TV is also available on our LW550T and LW650T flagship Cinema 3D sets!

  • Kate Barringer

    Does anyone else just get the adverts playing but not the program on 5 on demand? Never works properly but no probs with iplayer. Is there a way to update the app?

  • helsie

    I have just bought a LG smart TV – too smart for me – impossible!!!!!!!!! hate it

  • Karli Robinson

    NO YOU CANT! Idiot!

  • Guest

    NO YOU CANT!!! You need flash player and it isnt supported! Clever cloggs!

  • wf

    Seriously disappointed with LG not having itv and 4oD app, would never recommend it to any one ever again. If only I had known this before would have got a Samsung.

  • Chicochungo

    Not so Smart…won’t work. Horrible experience trying to get Smartshare to work. Dreadful. Avoid

  • Rob

    this is the worst software ever, it hardly ever works!!! piece of shit!!!

  • manhattan

    You can get 4od and itv player on your lg tv through love film

  • gary

    like the tv but have to admit its not so smart

  • gary

    same here apart from channel 5 and bbc
    its a bit of a lame product

  • shucks

    I stupidly bought an Lg “smart” Tv for 1500 thinking I too could watch catch up TV.
    I will never buy an lg product again.

  • jason

    Just worked out that i cannot get ITV player. Paid £1800. What a joke!

  • Graeme

    This is quite disappointing. I can understand this if ITV have entered an exclusivity deal with Samsung but what about 4oD?

  • Jonathan

    Here’s an answer I got from LG today – 14th October 2013. Great to get a response but not such a good answer!

    “I am going to try my best
    to resolve your query today! :)

    After looking into your query, I can confirm that both ITV Player and 4OD are
    not available currently on any of our LG TV’s. I do believe that ITV did enter
    into an exclusivity deal with Samsung but I do not know any details regarding
    this. I do not have a date for if/when 4OD will be added , unfortunately. I do
    hope that the TV’s are not being incorrectly advertised as having these apps
    available and that all customers are able to make informed purchasing

    I hope this has been of assistance to you. However, if you do require more
    assistance then please do not hesitate to email us again or contact our
    Customer Service Team on 0844 847 5454. You can even reach us via our Web Chat
    facility through the LG UK website.”

  • Jonathan

    Hi LG – just came onto the site to see why my Smart TV wouldn’t do 4OD and ITV player in the UK to read a stream of complaints. Very dissappointing LG, could someone please clarify the situation?

  • Mellymoo

    What a let down, I keep trying to find 4od in catch up on my new £1000 LG TV and no luck, now I know why, wish I’d gone for the samsung instead.

  • J Arnold

    What the hells going on LG ? I save up hundreds of £ for a smart tv that doesn’t do catch up tv??? How can lg have a future in smart Tvs without 4od and itv? Great tv other than that simple issue. Please respond to your customers and tell us what the problem is.

  • Bob

    You’re all idiots! Samsung bought the rights for ITV Player and 4OD. LG didn’t justleave them off by choice!

  • Louise

    Am really gutted to find that after being sold my TV as having catch up the only thing on their is BBC iplayer. In my view this is false advertising as 1 channel surely does not constitute “Catch-up TV.” Please sort this out and get ITV / 4OD apps available. Every customer on here is asking the same question and not one response on it! Bad customer service.

  • Graham

    Yep, same here!! Come on lg, how difficult can it be, the customer is always right!! 4od and itv player before you do anything else…….. Or at least bloody reply…….

  • Upset Vic

    On Curry’s website, it states quite clearly as one of the three main selling points of the LG Smart TV…”catch up TV”…so I’m going back to Curry’s to get my money back as this TV is not “fit for purpose”. I suggest everyone does the same as the whole point of buying this TV for me, was to get the catch-up TV services.

  • Upset Vic

    At the age of 60, I have just bought my very first brand new tv’s..Two LG smart tv’s and I am absolutely despairing that there’s no other catch-up tv other than bbc i-player. I feel completely ripped off and sobbing my heart out that unlike Samsung, I cannot download these apps.
    Please LG, I bought your very latest models and deserve better than this, especially as I am a Leukaemia sufferer and spend a lot of time alone with my TV, surely there’s something you can do for us all?

  • Joe Clifford

    It’s OK talking about the collection of wonderful games, 3D options, but, let’s face it, these are smart TVs but can’t access ITV Player, 4OD or Demand5! If I wanted to play games I would have bought an Xbox.

  • Samsamsung

    Smart(ish) TV – Dopey Company! Crass idiotic customer service bar none (except Talk Talk and BT!!).

  • Jim

    Maybe thats why their name is LG which stands for Lucky Group – bloody lucky that they are still in business with such a complete dis-regard for their customers – tossers!!

  • Angry LG Customer Number 5001

    Spot on! What are they afraid of ?


    I agree with WTF – LG are shite for not giving all the catch up channels!!!

  • WTF

    All these very unhappy customers of LG asking the same basic question and no response from LG – absolutely the worst PR from a massive company! Truly unbelievable.

  • Mellymoo

    I too am disappinted seeing as we just got a cheap samsung small smart tv and its got everything on it. Am seriously thinking aboit returning my lg telly as im not impressed to spend more money for less entertainment

  • rich

    I just bought a £500 tv and was shocked no 4od or itv catch up? will have to use my xbox 360 to do it. I don’t get why its not there, can LG explain to us?

  • Paul

    Why no response from LG on this? I too am very disappointed. Can’t understand why we are not even able access via the web browser. Is there a commercial reason why ITV content gets blocked? If so, is there a date when LG users will get proper iTV catch up capability? My advice is don’t get an LG TV till LG give a technical solution that works.

  • gazzzer

    One solution is to buy a android hdmi dongle or stick for £30. These are a mini pc on a stick and they have wifi built in. You can browse the web so access catch up on the online web sites or run any of the apps from google play store. You can also buy ones with remotes or plug in a mouse to the stick. A much smarter smart tv solution. Works on non smart tvs also. (If you also own a slingbox or Vulkano you can also take the andoid stick travelling with you and watch your skybox from abroad).