The Gadget Show Live 2011

April 13th, 2011 by LG Blog UK

The wait is finally over. The Gadget Show Live officially kicks off today with enough new technology, gadgets and robots (a personal fave) to entertain event the most cynical technophile.

One of the first stands you see upon entering the show is our LG stand, replete with our latest Home Entertainment solutions for 2011, our hero range of Cinema 3D TVs and of course our new Smart TV solutions.

Lots of people were impressed by the absence of flicker on our 3D Cinema sets, which are the first to be certified flicker free by Intertek and TUV – two of the most respected inspection and certification bodies in the world. A lot of people also took this opportunity to test the improved viewing angles on the Cinema 3D sets as they wandered around the stand trying wider and wider viewing angles.

Smart TV is also a key product for this year and is naturally on display at the Gadget Show Live. Being demonstrated on the PZ950T Plasma TV, Smart TV provides access to a wide range of apps, a web browser and access to premium content including BBC iPlayer, Google Maps and Acetrax and Viewster movie streaming services. This was demonstrated with the Magic Motion Remote that visitors were keen to try out.

For those not in the market for a new TV, but still keen on getting the Smart TV experience is the ST600 Smart TV upgrader that is also on display at the Gadget Show Live. Offering any TV with an HDMI port access to all of our Smart TV content for a snip at just £100.

Still wowing the crowds is our EL9500 15” OLED TV. At just 2.9mms in depth, the OLED is blessed with glorious picture quality – yet is one that people can’t help but stare at from the side. Though it is thinner than a pound coin so it’s understandable!

If you’re looking for an interactive experience then you are in luck as the LG stand is kitted out with an F1 Racing Simulator developed by industry leaders rFactor. You get to sit in our LG Formula 1 car and race a lap in 3D powered by three D3242P 3D monitors. If this wasn’t incentive enough, whoever has fastest time at the end of the show will walk away with a full 3D cinema Package.

Naturally I didn’t spend all my time on the LG stand and stretched my legs to go on my usual hunt for robots and other tech gems. In this hunt I found many a cool thing including Robot Wars…

Multi-player racing gaming…

An original Batmobile from the 1960’s…

Some awesome DJing on the Sennheiser stand…

On my way for a spot of lunch I was confronted by the most wonderful thing my eyes may have ever seen. Brasso’s Gadget Gran showing the cleaning powers of Brasso by giving a mean looking robot a bit of a polish!

If you’re heading along to The Gadget Show this week, come by our Cinema 3D lounge, settle in on comfy sofa set-up, open a bag of LG popcorn, pop on a pair of our lightweight polarized 3D glasses and see for yourself why LG is Sky’s first choice for 3D television. We’re at stand C1. See you there.

  • Ryan

    Do you know how to find out who the winner is or when they will be contacted because I’m pretty sure that was my time and was just wondering If I won or not?

  • Hopeful winner

    Can you send one to me please as am hoping we are winners.

  • Clare Mckeown

    We don’t know but my son go 1 min 38 and LG haven’t been in touch yet. We sent Self add env off and got a reply today telling us who the ticket winners were for each day not who won TV package.

  • LGBlogUK

    The winning time was 1.38.817! Didn’t get close to that one myself 😉

  • LGBlogUK

    Thanks Geeksphere!

  • geeksphere

    The Gadget show 2011 was awesome!

    The LG products being released at the moment are amazing!

  • LGBlogUK

    not sure what the winning time was, but will send out some emails to see if i can find out for you

  • guest

    Had a go on the in the F1 car, is was great.What was the winning lap time in the competition. Is there not a way to find out the winner on-line, or does it need to be via snail mail :-)

  • LGBlogUK

    Hi Andrew,
    LG are currently the only manufacturer selling OLED due to the technology involved being so new. I haven’t heard anything more about a set above 31″, and as i said that is still in development. As i’m sure you’ll agree OLED is wonderful in both aesthetic quality and picture quality. I am of the belief that this technology will really take hold, but it’ll be some time unfortunately.

  • LGBlogUK

    Hi Adam,

    glad to hear you liked what you saw. The Cinema 3D range only came into stores last week so some places may not have them in stock yet. They should be available at the usual places including Comet, Currys and Richer Sounds. And there is also an LG lounge in Harrods that is well worth a look!

  • LGBlogUK

    names are available on request as per the terms and conditions:

    The winners’ names and counties will be available on request by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope marked LG Blog UK Gadget Show Prize Draw to: Saint, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London NW1 7QP.


  • Gadgetshow2011

    who won the competition??

  • adam

    hi guys your tech blew me away i want to buy the 3d tv but no one in klondon has head about the normal glass,s can you advise where to get a good deal on the whole set up please by the way great stand a a joy to talk to your team unlike the company over the carpet clue pan a lol

  • Andrew

    Will there also be 37″, 40″, 42″ OLED TVs coming out soon?
    I think these are the more popular TV sizes!
    (I have a 37″ LED TV, they are currently the thinnest, and am really looking forward to having a 40″ or 42″ OLED TV in my living room!)

  • LGBlogUK

    Anytime. Any other questions just ask!

  • BGGriffiths

    Nice one! Cheers bud.

  • LGBlogUK

    Glad you liked Cinema 3D! And being a sensible chap i did write down the model numbers, they are (left to right) – LW450U, LW550T and LW650T

  • BGGriffiths

    Hi, do you the model numbers for the three LG 3D TVs pictured above, left to right? 2nd picture of the article. I’m writing up an article on 3D at the show, but forgot to note them down. I though the LG screens blasted the competition by the way, especially using standard, cheap glasses.

  • LGBlogUK

    We completely agree. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

  • PC Monitors

    That would be great. OLED technology shows so much promise and it would be excellent for LG to get something like that on the market (even in limited capacity) to really get the ball rolling.

  • LGBlogUK

    Good question! It is still in development unfortunately… We will hopefully get it onto the market this year though

  • PC Monitors

    What happened to the 31 inch OLED screen you announced (in some capacity) back in October last year and showed off at CES 2011? That would really wow the crowds – 15 inches is a little small nowadays for a TV.