NFC and more on display in Japan

February 25th, 2011 by LG Blog UK

We are an excitable bunch at the blog – new handsets, great 3D content or even just a Follow Friday reference on Twitter can get us bouncing around like a tween at a Jonas Brothers concert. One new technology that has us buzzing at the potential currently is Near Field Communication.

We discussed the potentials of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology a few months back in our post on shopping on your mobile device. Well we were reminded of this yesterday when reading through’s description of their recent trip to the HQ of Docomo – Japan’s premier mobile phone operator and the people who invented 3G. The very lucky Clinton from was treated to a tour of Docomo’s “Future Station”, which is an entire floor dedicated to showing off the latest tech they have developed and offering a look into their future technologies.

Taking NFC further, in Japan you can actually use your phone as a wallet. The uptake of NFC is so prevalent that you can use your phone in nearly every shop, both big and small. Not only that but your phone also acts as your id, I bet wallet sales are taking a hit.

If you lose your wallet, sorry, phone, you needn’t worry as you can phone a number to lock and erase your phone remotely, with all of your data already backed up via cloud.

Aside from NFC, Docomo were showing off some clever uses of Augmented Reality. I am a self-confessed fan of AR, the geek in me loves the overlaying of digital onto real-life, but I have also felt that uses have been pretty limited to date. Not at Docomo headquarters however, where they have AR apps that can tell you if your car will fit in a parking space or even give you advice on a hole of golf. But the best use they have on display is undoubtedly the option to see what a piece of furniture would look like in your home – never again will you make the faux pas of mixing French Country House with Tuscan Villa!

One innovation on display and flagged by Clinton as a personal favourite was the Remote Monitoring service that allows you to access a webcam to check on your pets when away from home on your handset. If you aren’t a dog owner why not just fit a webcam outside your front door to check on any late night callers.

I think it’s time to book my flight to Japan!

Read Clinton’s full piece on his trip to Docomo here

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