Introducing the world’s first 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System

December 13th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

LG are proud to present the HX995TZ – the world’s first 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System!

Enjoy your favourite 3D movies with improved picture quality and a floor-shaking 1100W of audio output in 5.1 surround from the home cinema system with wall mountable speakers.

Armed with 1080P upscaling, the HX995TZ can even improve the picture quality of standard definition DVD playback. Other great features include LG’s exclusive Netcast service, giving you access to weather reports, photos and YouTube videos through your television, as well as a dock for your iPhone or iPod enabling music and video playback through your television.

The HX995TZ is on the market currently. More information is available at

  • Michael Trottar

    Ofcourse that is the best innovation for those who loves entertainment…

  • Jacob

    Should my wireless receiver for the speakers die – the part that connects to the subwoofer – will I then be able to buy a new one or buy something else that connects to the speakers? :)

  • David James95

    They have said that since August

  • LGBlogUK

    Hi Chopper,
    we don’t have a release date for this yet. Chances are that it will be displayed at CES and will be available on the market shortly afterwards, so early this year


  • Chopperchand

    Is this product available to purchase??. or is there an available launch date??

    As have just bought the LG LX9900 3D TV, and am looking to buy a 3D home theatre system. This would be ideal.

  • Dillow Chris

    can i win one!!

  • LGBlogUK

    It should be available in stores shortly

  • I.A.M.

    When will it be available to buy on-line on sites like Amazon?

  • LGBlogUK

    Hi Bobski,
    any Home Theatre system would be compatible. If you’re not planning on upgrading to 3D anytime soon i would avoid one of the 3D Blu-Ray home theatres as, despite being very good, you will end up paying more for something you won’t use.
    Have a look at the Home Theatre systems on our website here –
    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more assistance

  • Bobski

    What home theatre is compatiple with the LG 42LE4500?