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November 24th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

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This year has seen the introduction of LG’s NetCast™ service on many of it’s TVs. NetCast™brings the best of the internet directly to your TV, without the need for a computer. This means you can enjoy YouTube, weather forecasts from Accuweather and online photo sharing with Picasa from the comfort of your sofa.

Today we have great news for NetCast™ users, as nine new applications including BBC iPlayer, movies on demand from Acetrax, Google Maps, Facebook™, Twitter™ and an Internet radio application are now available

The update is available to current owners of selected LG NetCast™ TVs by simply connecting your LG NetCast™ TV to a broadband connection (via Ethernet or an LG wireless dongle) and pressing the NetCast™ button on the remote control where an automated update will take place.

The new NetCast™ features are available on the following sets and will require a minimum 2MB broadband speed for optimal viewing.


LX9900 (47,55”)

LE8900 (42, 47, 55”)

LE7900 (32, 37, 42, 47, 55”)

LE5900 (32, 37, 42, 47, 55”)

LE4900 (32, 37, 42”)


LD790 (32, 42, 47”)

LD690 (32, 37, 42, 47, 55”)

LD490 (32, 37, 42”)

PLASMA TV (to be updated by 1st December 2010)

PX990 (50, 60”)

PK990 (50, 60”)

PK790 (50, 60”)

PK590 (50, 60”)

More information on NetCast™ can be found at the LG website

  • Guest

    Does anyone at LG read this blog ?

    I have a 50px990 which I am very pleased with but have been hoping for a new update to Netcast that would add Netflix, LoveFilm etc.  LG, are there any release plans for such an update?  Thanks. 

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk LG Blog UK

      Hi Darren, unfortunately that model cannot be updated with Netflix. For a full list of apps and update schedules please contact our CS team for more details. (0844 847 5454)

  • David Chipps

    No one.

  • Cheesy

    Knock knock!

  • Katie_riemke06

    Why hasn’t the 55 LE5400 had an update yet? We’ve had this this TV for almost 1year 1/2 and no update?!

  • Pomagmag

    i have a 
    HX995TZ , but i dont see netcast in menu, please help 
    email : pomagmag@gmail.com

  • Cheesy

    It’s disgusting the way LG treat their customers and don’t deserve custom from anyone. It’s a good idea to write to Brian Na but I think it will fall on deaf ears, the culture that’s within this company is driven from the top and as we have all found out we have replies that contradict and lie with no answers.

  • Phineas Wenlock

    last Netcast update was in 2010. Meanwhile you are happily announcing wonderful
    new content deals for your new platform.  Is there any chance that someone from LG could
    have the decency to confirm that they are no longer supporting it rather than
    ignoring your customers. At least we can all go out and buy something else with
    a chance of regular updates (it won’t be an LG, that’s for sure!).

  • Anonymous

    Very disappointed with LG, poor service, poor response that does not answer the question about Netcast. In fact different replies from different Customer Support operators.
    Advertising painted a rosy picture with the promise of Skype, inferring it was already on.
    Will be looking at Samsung or Sony in future.

  • Anonymous

    lg need to get netcast sorted real soon as viewers go on to find nexfix or lovefilm and it not there .they will lose out as people will look at other systems that are cheaper and there systems are up dated  monthy with new widgets .
    i have read loads of messages on here and it dont make lg look very good or bothered .how much time do they need.


  • Gordon Frew

    I’m sorry to say, but LG has sidelined NetCast updates for about the past year! I wouldn’t expect an update anytime soon, if at all! Very poor from such a large manufacturer like LG!

  • Mark Tisdale

    Yes – Where is the update? Youtube on the LG TV now only works very intermittently yet all other devices in my house have no problems. 

  • Thiyagarajan Paramasivam

    Could any body tell us Is there any updates on Netcast in near future. I am really bored with  widgets I have got on my Netcast. Is there any chance with more widgets like Lovefilm, Netflix, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to add my disappointment that there has been no NetCast update since 2010, it’s very poor service and would certainly ensure not recommending an LG telly again, such a shame as the TV is great but poor support with unfulfilled advertising blurb is unforgivable.

  • Anonymous

    LG, where is the update to netcast that has been promised and we are all waiting for?

  • Anonymous

    i bought 42LX6500 and it doesn’t have DLNA so i can’t connect it with my pc wirelless, i have to buy another external device like LG AN-WL100E (more money)
    further more i can’t update my netcast apps…
    just a waste of money

  • Alan Featherstone

    I use netcast all the time. I have no buffering problems at all on 8 meg broadband. In fact if my wife is on the laptop watching youtube and I’m watching iplayer I have no buffering problems at all but it makes youtube on the laptop unwatchable. Just came here to see if there’s a way to install more widgets/apps.

  • craig theunissen


  • Anonymous

    I want hulu plus for my 42LD550 but looks like lg wont stand behind there product so will replace mine for a samsung

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    This television is amazing in terms of picture. It’s just beautiful. Televisions are now much more than a display for simply watching TV and movies on. But some are now using their PC’s and Laptop to watch movies.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K5VMH44U2NA2R2PQVTWEAD6BPM Saif

    LG 55LW6500 any news on the skype app???

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk Dave@LGUK

      Hi Saif,

      Really sorry for the continued delay. Skype will be coming on our Smart TV platform but I don’t have a confirmed date just yet.

  • DC

    Under the Sale of Goods Act (UK) 1979 (SOGA), if a product has been sold and it is not ‘Fit for Purpose’, or has been sold not ‘As Described’, you are entitled to a Refund, Repair, Replacement or Compensation.

    It appears LG are not going to correct the Netcast problem, therefore, their Netcast product range is either faulty, or not fit for purpose, or not as descibed in LGs product description, or all three, nor is it fit for purpose according to Trading Standards SOGA. It is recommended people contact Trading Standards (UK), or return the product to the outlet where they purchase it from and ask for a refund, or compensation.

    I think to more Netcast products get returned to lG, then they might do something about the ongoing failure of Netcast.

  • Miguelito03

    some upgrade to the lg le5500 , thanks,

  • Jake-watson

    Hi All

    Does anyone know if extra widgets are coming to netcast on bluray players such as HR600/650?


  • Rovingeyeuk

    I think its in somebodies head at LG but they can’t extract it.  Don’t expect an answer that makes sense, if anyone there had any decency they would have responded to you by now.
    We’ve  been had!

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk daveC

      Guys, i’m sure you are aware that there have been major delays with Skype, hopefully we should have some news soon. Apologies.

  • Mal

    Hi All
            Sorry for misprint in previous post, Nov’11 should have been Nov’10.

  • Mal

    Hi All
             I just don’t understand, from a legal standpoint, how LG can get away with advertising such supposedly great “killer” features as Netcast and DLNA on the 42LE5900 TV that I bought in Nov’11, and they are simply NOT fit for purpose. Given that the expected FULL functionality of such promised features as BBC iPlayer and DLNA, for example, where the main deciding factors on my purchase, I have to admit to feeling totally LET DOWN by LG. Not to mention their complete lack of interest in resolving the outstanding issues that are continually referred to in this forum .

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk daveC

      Hi Mal, I’m not sure what you mean by fit-for-purpose, both DLNA and iPlayer are 3rd party technologies that aren’t developed (wholly) by LG. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying the experience from the TV. If your TV is still within warranty I suggest you call our CS team and discuss the issue with them?

  • Bjeli_tigar

    where is skype on netcast?

  • Simonrgale

    Hi i have just purchased an LG BX 580 and am disappointed that it does not have BBC iplayer installed.
    Is there anyway of steaming iplayer to my player or getting an iplayer update?????
    Any suggestions will be gratefully received

    • http://www.lgblog.co.uk daveC

      Sorry Simon, that model does not feature BBC iPlayer, I don’t have any details on updates for that model right now, apologies.

  • Gadgetrowe

    I couldn’t
    agree more. I have not written on this blog before – only looked it up when i
    encountered this issue. It seems like a long time ago that an apparent ‘fix’
    was tested and implemented; however i downloaded the update and i still have
    the same issue.

    This is just
    poor coding – i expected so much better from a brand such as LG; and it is
    apparent that they are receiving a bad name for themselves through this and
    other blogs so it surprises me that nothing has been done to rectify this

    Many of my
    friends have been impressed with the actual netcast suite of widgets, however
    the speed of them is phenomenally bad. The google maps is painfully slow, the
    facebook app looking at pictures is almost unusable and; as mentioned before
    the iPlayer app is great but doesn’t work.

    So disappointing….

  • Gordon F

    Oh my god the iPlayer buffering is beyond annoying now!!!!!! Its embarrassing when I have friends over and want to watch it!! Come on LG!!!

  • Bryan Balfour

    Am I doing something wrong or is the le5900 series of TVs not as DLNA compliant as LG would have us believe?

    Here’s my setup:

    In my lounge I have a 42LE5900 TV and a Topfield 5800 PVR and in my bedroom I have a 32LE5900 TV. Both TVs are wired to my LAN. The Topfield PVR is also wired to my LAN via an NSLU2 box suitably configured.

    Programs recorded on the PVR play fine on the TV to which it is directly attached with all the aspect ratio options the TV provides

    The problem arises when I download a recorded program to my PC, edit and demux it (using ProjectX) and then remux it (currently using ImagoMPEG but have tried several others) as a MPEG2 file.
    The remuxed file will play fine on my PC with the correct aspect ratio. However, when using DLNA to play this file over my ethernet on either of my TVs, the only aspect ratio that seems to be supported is 4:3.

    It would seem reasonable that when LG state in their advertising that a product supports DLNA then that product is DLNA compliant. You would think that to meet the minimum requirement for compliancy, the TV would at least render the media content with the same aspect ratio as the source.

    Can LG give some indication as to when this product will do this?  

  • PK590

    Still no sign of the Netcast Firmware Fix for BBC Iplayer “buffering” issue…have LG provided a relase date for the fix yet ??

  • Shamstone

    Hi Kerwin, can you give me the link to the AVforums post so I can see the messages on there as well. Good news they are planning to update it. Has anybody else had any response back, please post your Q&A here for all to see.     

  • Shamstone

    Hi Kerwin, can you give me the link to the AVforums post so I can see the messages on there as well. Good news they are planning to update it. Has anybody else had any response back, please post your Q&A here for all to see.

  • Chrisbrockway1

    they should call it Getlast.

  • Anonymous

    Got a response from LG on the AVforum,
    looks like we will get some updates, at some point :-)
    My question and their answer below,

    Hi, can you let us know what will be happening with

    Will it be updated or is it dead in the water now that
    you are focusing on Smart TV?

    Hi kerwin, there are plans to update the previous
    platforms but I’m afraid I don’t have any schedules just yet. Apologies

  • Ianrand1978

    Is the net cast a defunct product now or will there be any future updates / improvements

  • Shamstone

    I got a further reply back from LG Helpdesk via email which is pasted below. So what does this actua;;y mean, will they be getting 4OD and ITV Player soon, what do you guys make of this. Has anybody else contacted LG helpdesk via email. I suggest we all do it, please go to this website and ask your question and please reply back here when they give you an answer. My answer from them is below.

    Unfortunately there are no current updates in regards of ITV Player and 4OD being added to Netcast.
    Please keep reviewing software updates and these “Apps” will be added with the software updates.
    We hope this answers your query.
    Best regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk

  • http://twitter.com/lbrabus Luiz Marcel Arbos

    damm LG netcast has no skype support yet :(

  • woody

    please can you find out if skype is to be on netcast playing cards ever?.. it would at least give us comfort to know that it will/ won’t be on netcast?

  • Anonymous

    HI, any news on when the fix for the buffer issue will be released?
    Many thanks for any information.

  • Kerwin Robertson

    Hi, any news on the buffer issue fix?

  • Shamstone

    I got a reply back from Customer services with regards to YouTube content.  I guess we should contact YouTube next? I will email them now and let you know what they say. The answer from LG is pasted below. Iam going to ask them about ITV Player and 4oD now and see what the response is. Has anybody else tried to get hold of them?

    All Netcast applications are third party, and therefore LG are not responsible for any content additions or updates. You would need to contact YouTube directly in regards to this. Best regards,LG Electronics UK Helpdesk