Give 3DTV a go at the LG Life’s Good Lounge

November 26th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

The expression ‘seeing is believing’ is particularly appropriate when you are discussing 3DTV. It is something that needs to be experienced first hand to appreciate that the days of something flying out of the screen at you for a cheap scare are long gone. Now we are presented with a technology that offers a far deeper, more immersive experience.

If you are yet to try out 3DTV fear not for the LG Life’s Good Lounge could be coming to a city near you.

Touring shopping centres and cinemas across the country, the Life’s Good Lounge is the perfect chance to see the magic of 3D television in the comfort of LG’s purpose designed living room, complete with popcorn and comfy slippers.

A range of LG 3D ready TVs will be on display – the Plasma (PK990), Full LED (LX9900) and the LCD (LD950) – the only passive 3D TV available in the UK. These TV’s will be connected up to games consoles so you can give 3D gaming a try, as well as 3D movies thanks to LG’s 3D Blu-ray player (BX580) and Sky’s new 3D channel.

We will be at the following locations in the coming months:

  • The Trafford Centre, Manchester (26th – 28th November)
  • The Centre, Milton Keynes (3rd –  5th December)
  • The Bullring, Birmingham (10th – 12th December)
  • Bluewater, Kent (17 – 19th December)
  • AMC Cinema, Birmingham (27th – 30th December)
  • BFI IMAX Cinema, South Bank London (2nd – 5th January)
  • AMC Cinema, Manchester (12th – 16th January)

Those of you who were lucky enough to get to the Trafford Centre on the today will have tried out 3D gaming with Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor – Ben Thompson!

If you’re more of a Britain’s Got Talent fan then don’t miss the Life’s Good Lounge at The Centre in Milton Keynes as the hilariously entertaining dancer Stavros Flatley will be there to challenge you to a spot of 3D gaming.

For more up to the minute dates on the Life’s Good Lounge follow us on Twitter @LGBlogUK

  • Anonymous

    Hi Hooky,
    glad you found it ok (no help from me – sorry!). Which set was it you were particularly impressed with??


  • Hooky

    The LG customer service were about as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

    I found out it was in the main hall where all the santa things were by going on to the MK shopping centre website.

    I had a look at the weekend and I thought it looked very nice. The only thing is that it would look nice as it would have been carefully selected 3D material (LG Demo) rather than real life SKY 3D feed that most of us will end up watching most of the time. Also these units would be tweaked production samples rather than standard off the shelf units that the rest of us will end up with. Still maybe if I calibrate mine it would reach this standard. I’m hoping that Comet/Currys will get these sets soon as they never have them setup correctly so you can get a good view of the set in real life conditions.

    I really want this set though and I’m waiting to see if anyone is going to package it with a 3D blu ray at some point.

  • jaycee2

    tbh with you, im not sure 3DTV can improve on my current LG-the picture is superb and i cant see how it could be bettered.

  • Anonymous

    Hi hooky,
    am in the process of tracking down the information for you and will hopefully have an answer for you tomorrow

  • Hooky

    Can someone tell me where in the MK centre you will be. This place is huge and I dont want to spend all day trying to find you.


  • guest

    great! see you at bullring :)