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Win Tickets to Grand Designs Live at the NEC

September 30th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
COME AND SEE WHY LG ARE SKY'S FIRST CHOICE FOR 3D TVS We have 8 pairs of tickets to give away to Grand Designs Live at the NEC in Birmingham over the weekend of the 8-10th of October. This is the perfect chance to catch up with some of LG’s latest home entertainment solutions, all set up to show how they would best be utilised in the home as both a great piece of technology as well as a stylish addition to any room in the house. The technology on display will include LG’s PX990 Plasma 3D TV – the world’s first...
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The LE8900 “LG’s finest TV yet”

September 27th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
The LE8900 LED TV from LG has been showered with accolades including a 4 star review from Home Cinema Choice, 5 stars from What Video & HD TV, a ‘Highly Recommended’ accolade from AVForums, a 5 star review from What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision and a nomination for TV of the year at the T3 Gadget of the Year Awards. If somehow you remained unconvinced after such a wealth of excellent reviews TechRadar have got their hands on one for a full review. Their verdict? 5 stars of course… The first thing noted by TechRadar is the inclusion of direct LED backlighting...
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#Follow Friday – our favourite Tweeters

September 24th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
I have to be honest with you all – I’m addicted to Twitter! I’ve heard it referred to as ‘Facebook Light’ and ‘Fakebook’, but these are from people who haven’t tried it. People not familiar with Twitter will be unaware of something called ‘Follow Fridays’, where the basic idea is for a user to share the Twitter users they value the most and are thus worth following. And of course it is done on a Friday! Well we have decided to branch out with a follow Friday right here on the blog, offering the lowdown on some of the best users to...
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LG crown the fastest texter in the U.S.

September 23rd, 2010 by LG Blog UK
The term ‘armchair sports’ just got a new event for their Olympics. If they were to ever get out of their reclining armchair to hold one that is. Speed texting! I’m sure everyone is thinking they know someone who could win this hands down, but could they text “Old McDonald had a farm, Ei, ei, oh! And on this farm he had a champ. W/a txtr here, and BFF there. Here a text, there a text, everywhere a text-text!” in 60 seconds? As that is what Brianna Hendrickson managed to do to take the title of LG’s U.S. National Texting...
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Introducing the LG Town C300

September 22nd, 2010 by LG Blog UK
I’m sure we all know someone who lost the ability to text as soon as they discovered Facebook, with all messages coming in the form of ‘wall post’. There is nothing wrong with this, so long as you are as keen on Facebook as them, and that’s half a billion of us. But when on the go, away from your computer, checking Facebook to keep up with where and when you’re meeting said friend can be a royal pain. Today LG launched the LG Town C300, designed for those of us with busy lifestyles to be able to keep on...
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We7 free music streaming trial for Android Users

September 21st, 2010 by LG Blog UK
Remember when the definition of chic was having a mobile phone so small that it could be accidentally inhaled if you weren’t careful? Technology progresses and now it’s all about having a touchscreen handset, so handsets have increased in size to accommodate this. I always used to carry an mp3 player along with my miniscule phone, but now my phone is the same size as my mp3 player, and I hate carrying both at the same time. Breathe a sigh of relief for We7, an online streaming music service available in the UK and Ireland that can be used on your...
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Watch the LG Optimus Conference to learn more about the Optimus Chic and Optimus One

September 20th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
On Tuesday the 14th of September LG launched two new members of the Optimus smartphone family via a live, online conference from Seoul. The LG Optimus One and the LG Optimus Chic both run Froyo, the latest version of the Android operating system, and are designed with the first time smartphone users in mind. To see both of the new handsets and learn about the thought processes behind them you can watch the conference for yourself below. More information on both handsets, including full specifications, are available here. There are no plans for the LG Optimus Chic to be released in the...
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Avatar Party – Our Fourth & Final Home Entertainment Hero Winner

September 17th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
The film of last year was undoubtedly Avatar. James Cameron redefined film making with his sci-fi epic set on the planet of Pandora, not to mention it being the first film to utilize the potential of 3D film making. I am sure you’ve all seen the pictures of the online Avatar role-players before, well our latest Home Entertainment Hero winner put on a spin on this by screening Avatar at his house, inviting his friends to dress up and even enjoy some specially selected blue snacks. The Home Entertainment Hero competition has been running since June and rewards those of you...
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Overview of LG at IFA 2010

September 16th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
The 50th IFA just wrapped up in Berlin and it’s safe to say it was a great show with a whole host of new and innovative technology and gadgetry on display. LG had a strong presence launching some great new products as well as showing off some stunning prototypes to let us know what is in store for the future! 31 Inch OLED TV: Techdigest named LG’s 31” OLED TV “the best Tech of the Show”. This hardly comes as a surprise considering LG are the only manufacturer selling OLED at the moment, the 15” EL9500, a set that will be dwarfed...
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Introducing the new LG Optimus One and LG Optimus Chic

September 14th, 2010 by LG Blog UK
This morning LG released more details on two members of the Optimus Family via an online press conference - the LG Optimus One and the Optimus Chic. The Optimus Smartphone family was launched with the Optimus GT540 and will extend to include an Android powered tablet as well as several new smartphones in the future. The big news for both the Optimus One and the Optimus Chic is that they will both be among the first handsets to be running Android 2.2, Froyo, the latest incarnation of Google’s mobile platform, allowing two to three times faster and smoother internet browsing, web-page...
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