AVForums review the LX9900

July 13th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

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Those of you familiar with AVForum’s reviews will know that they are exceedingly comprehensive – taking an impressive level of knowledge to their reviews. Any of you familiar with the LX9900 TV will know that this is LG’s big release of the year – their first 3D TV!

Well AVForums have gotten their hands on the 55″ LX9900 for a review, and they gave it an overall ‘recommended’ rating. The strengths of the LX9900 were numerous out of the box ranging from things like the inclusion of built in Freeview HD tuner and 2 pairs of 3D glasses being included, right up to the quality of the ‘out of the box’ cinema settings, good quality 3D playback with most content and excellent black levels with localized dimming. The review was also complimentary of the Magic Motion remote control, stating that it is not merely a gimmick, but actually works effectively.

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Read the full review from AVForums here

For the full specs for the LX9900 click here

  • Derek Mills

    Thanks for trying but 3 weeks on and, true to form, no word from LG. I'm not surprised actually! Hope Mou got better luck.


    PS: Think I'll go for a SAMSUNG next time.

  • lgblog

    Hi Mou,

    i have emailed you to try and help with your problem

  • Mou Maity

    I completely agree with Derek. I have recently bought an air conditioner from the company. Turns out that there was a manufacturing defect. No response to my phone calls or e-mails to the company. Customer service…the less said the better it is. The defect became apparent within a week from the purchase date. Over a month has elapsed. Still waiting for the company to take some action on the product.

    To the LG guys…do you really care about your customers?

  • http://www.saintlondon.co.uk LG Blog

    Hi Derek,
    i have emailed you to see if there is anything i can do to help

  • Derek Mills1

    To all who are considering buying an LG product. Be warned!! Their warranty or guarantee is not worth the paper it's written on. They do not honour it and don't even have the courtesy of replying to your emails. My product was a brand new LCD TV which developed a 'dead pixel' within 2 months of purchase. A repair could not be carried out because the part required was obsolete!!! (on a new TV!!!). So if you value your warranty. . . . or you could take a chance and hope nothing goes wrong.

  • http://www.saintlondon.co.uk LG Blog

    I'll drop you an email to talk further

  • http://www.3dtvreviewer.co.uk/ 3DGizmo

    How do they get to test these TV's? Do they have to take a trip to LG headquarters? I wouldn't mind reviewing the TV's as they become available… :)


  • lgblog

    i've been assured early August for the LX9900!!

  • Wjd168

    all sounds absolutely fantastic but where are they…………..May, June, July…..nearly August and still no sign of them!!!!!!!!

  • lgblog

    The LX9900 is the UK model name. In India it is the LX9500 – it's on the LG India website so maybe try checking retailers for the LX9500.
    Good luck!

  • lgblog

    Thanks for the loyalty! i'll look into LG's 3D availability in India and let you know when i hear more

  • http://www.datarecoverysoftware.com Data Recovery Software

    Wow… Thanks for Prompt reply. Really well maintained Blog…
    I could not find the availability of LG 3D Products in Indian Market (i did a little survey yesterday in local market in New Delhi). However, Sumsung 3D TV was available everywhere. Since I've been using LG Products since last 9 years in my offices as well as at home without any problems, i'd not like to enter any other Brand in my Life :o)

  • lgblog

    Which? have made their own videos about 3D which should help –

  • http://wwwdatarecoverysoftware.com data recovery software

    can you give me some more detail about the 3D TV and its functioning.