Introducing the new LG Viewty Snap GM360

June 9th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

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Gone are the days when your mobile phone is simply a means to make calls on the go. Instead mobile phones are now designed to not only assist you day to day, but to enhance your life. Which is exactly where the new LG Viewty Snap GM360 steps in.

A touchscreen phone offering on the go communication via email and social media sites and a 5mp camera to capture your Life’s Good moments, all in a stylish, slim exterior.

Keep in touch at all times

Being able to access your email and social media sites on the go is nothing new, however the experience is often one that is harder and more frustrating then it should be. Thankfully LG’s smart mobile SNS gives you instant access to your social media sites via a homescreen shortcut or you can directly access Facebook through a dedicated Facebook client.

The LG Viewty Snap also comes equipped with push e-mail, negating the need to login to check e-mail, as well as notifying you of new messages saving you time and effort!


Every moment in detail

The LG Viewty Snap comes equipped with a 5-megapixel Optic-all zoom camera that enables you to zoom without losing any picture quality. Power LED flash and dark light compensation ensure the best possible picture quality in low light conditions and other great features like continuous shot and one touch uploading of your images onto email or your social media sites are a real plus.

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  • 3 inch TFT touchscreen display.
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and Optic-all Zoom
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 2GB memory with space for up to 16GB via mircoSD
  • FM radio with recording
  • MP3 player
  • Dedicated Facebook client
  • Social networking integration
  • MP3/WMA/eAAC+ player
  • MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
  • Organizer
  • Document viewer (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF)
  • Voice memo

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  • Tom Amightly

    Hello, i bought Lg gm360, and i was done factory reset, ant it keeps flashing and saying factory reset in progress… What i should do?

  • Brad

    I have an LG Viewty SNap GM360, and on my windows 7 PC, I have the LG PC Suite IV, downloaded through Google Chrome. The programme used to run fine but now when I click the icon, it just loads the logo and nothing else, in windows task manager it says its running normally, and it installs all the drivers fine, even un-installing and re-installing the programme makes no difference, what should i do.

  • pico

    worst thelephone ever. I can´t watch my videos because “timeout error…” :(

  • Michael Geisow

    (Experienced users). The autolock screen facility seems to ignore the phone settings. Even with the lock screen delay set to 60 secs (maximum option) the lock facility trips in too quickly. This especially annoying when keying in data or attempting to top up the LG GM360. Many users have reported the same problem (examples below from just this blog) A SOFTWARE UPGRADE IS URGENTLY NEEDED TO FIX THIS DEBILITATING BUG!!!!!!!!!!!

    MJP • a year ago
    Hi I have been all through these posts and seen several questions with my problem but no answer! How do you stop the phone locking continually when you make or receive a call, I am trying to speak or press buttons and I have to keep unlocking and it is driving me banannas! LG GM360 Viewty, can anyone help on this please? I have Autolock OFF, no lock gestures on, and the lock set to the padlock press, rather than the swipe (which was even more stressful!). Thank you in hope…

    Summerchild1979 • a year ago
    Having trouble with my mum’s LG Viewty GM360: The phone is too eager to lock the screen. I tried putting on a top-up voucher where one needs the keyboard to stay active but it kept locking it out. By the time I had unlocked it again I missed the options on the recorded message! I am sure I have switched OFF all security settings etc but still it keeps going to sleep. Can anyone help me with this narcoleptic phone??

    Dizzy_moments • a year ago • parent
    Im having exactly the same keeps going into lock screen within seconds and its driving me crazy!! I`ve tried everything but no joy :0( also,my camera isnt working..when i try and go into camera mode,a message comes up saying “cannot execute.conflict wit (status summery)?? whats that all about???

  • Kennysarmy

    How do I set a pin code to unlock the phone each time it auto locks please?

  • Guestlg

    How do I mute the keypad?

  • guest01

    I dropped my phone and the silver circle thing around the camera fell off. I glued it backon with pritt stick and now the backcover is stuck to ad icant getit off. I also rang a number and now i cant hang up, i typed the number wrng so it doesnt exist but i cant hangup and i duno if im paing for the call or not. PLEEASE HELP!! 

  • ardety

    Everytime I access my memory card, It says format memory. I have also realised a memory card with a red cross at the top of the screen. After I have formatted it, It still dosen’t let me access and the whole process is repeated. 

    I even tried to format it on the computer and as soon as I try to acess it on my phone again it happens again. Somone Help PLEASE!

  • Ardety

    Everytime I access my memory card, It says format memory. I have also realised a memory card with a red cross at the top of the screen. After I have formatted it, It still dosen’t let me access and the whole process is repeated. 

    I even tried to format it on the computer and as soon as I try to acess it on my phone again it happens again. Somone Help PLEASE!

  • Fionawood66

    I have just put in a memory card for my lg viewty snap and I cannot access the external memory on the phone to set up the sd card, it isn’t lit up when I go to memory to work the sd card, what am I doing wrong. I have tried to put music onto it but says there’s not enough space, please help.

  • eth

    i dropped my fone, it cracked the lcd, i just got a new 1 off e bay ,put it in ,the fone can turn on, lights up, but its just a white background????? whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sebirocks2

    I’m having trouble making my memory card the place my texts are saved to… how do i make my LG save texts to the MicroSD!? 
    Thank you.

  • Sue

    Can anyone tell me why i cant send a text from Spain ?? I can receive texts, make and receive calls but just cant send them. I have plenty of Credit on my phone so i know its not that. 

  • Wojtekka

     i have the same problem any ideas ?

  • paul

    this is also pissing me off with this phone, plus other small issues!!!
    i shall not buy another LG PHONE.. the screen is also too sensitive, the phone has phoned contacts without my knowledge, and lost  air-time.  bloody pain..

  • Anonymous

     Hi ,i had to send the phone back as it was faulty after all. Got a new one and its fine.Thanks for replying

  • Anonymous

    Had to end up sending phone back to manufacturer,it was faulty after all. Thanks for replying.

  • Niamh Davis

    Have you pushed it up really far so it clicks?

  • Niamh Davis


  • Anonymous

    help…had this phone for over a year, no problems, recently got an HTC and trying to send a few texts from my LG to the HTC (stuff i’ve saved and want to keep, jokes, stories etc) but i select a text, select ‘forward’, enter my new number, press “send” and the LG makes a short screech sound and switches itself off, then restarts itself. tried pulling battery and restarting, but no good. any  ideas? 

  • Anonymous


    In Livesquare how do you
    1. add new icons
    2. Change the names of icons


  • Anonymous

    this phone keeps freezing ‘can’t turn it off unless i take battery out

  • Anonymous

    i just got my mobile and when i logged of fb it froze -_-  i took out the battery but that didnt work. can anyone help me??!

  • Anonymous

    I fixed it by doing a factory reset – first making sure I had stored all my contacts etc onto sim card.  Its now working fine.  I contacted LG and had a web chat with one of their team who talked me through process.

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    Subject: [lg-blog] Re: Introducing the new LG Viewty Snap GM360

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    Christine Blair wrote, in response to angela2207:
    i have got the same problem did you fix this please Angela.
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  • Christine Blair

    i have got the same problem did you fix this please Angela.

  • Kevin Chatfield

    Finally found out how to get zoom on the camera for the LG GM360 Viewty Snap.  You have to reduce the size of the picture down to 1M (1280×960).  No need to reduce the picture quality.

  • Anonymous

    Hi can anyone help me here? I have had the phone a week and am already having problems mainly the back cover seems to fall off by itself every time i pick up to use it or touch the back of it at all! Has anyone else had this problem,or is it a manufacturers fault? Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Got this phone a week ago and its driving me mad already, every time i pick up the phone to use it,the back cover slides off by itself! Has anyone else had this problem or could it be a manufacturers fault? Help please!

  • Anonymous

    I also have this problem, but texts are not being sent to just one person, even though the phone is tellign me they have sent! I have had this phone just over a year but do not want to be shelling out for a new one, can anyone help me please?

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  • Anonymous

    Hi can anyone shed any light on why my viewty snap GM360 wont let me look at any of my photos, everytime I click on one of the images it comes up with an ! and ‘maximum limit of applications reached’.
    I have checked my memory and that is fine, have checked that I have no apps running by pressing large home key and then ‘end all’.  Any ideas? 
    Also, when texting, I seem to be constantly changing the language and constantly changing the screen to punctuation screen etc – only way I have found to get round this is to make sure I text really really slowly – anyone else have this problem?

  • Anonymous

    You cannot put music on your phone using PCSuite. You have to use something cr@ppy like Media Player.
    When you connect your phone to the USB cable, you get a menu, it shows 3 items, scroll down and choose Music Sync. This should connect your device to Media Player, then you can ‘drag/drop playlists and or albums onto the Sync pane. Then hit the Sync button, bottom right of the Media Player window. Wait for it to complete, then unplug.

  • Anonymous

    LGBlogUK, do you use a Copy Paste method of answering questions?
    Lets be honest, you have NOT answered any entry so far, except to point them to the support team.
    IF, you post the answers here, then the ‘Support Team’ won’t be so busy as people can browse for answers here. Its simple really.

  • Anonymous

    The formats supported are Mp3, WMA and ACC for music, MP4 and H.264 for video.
    However, when I synced a PinkFloyd album recently via Windows Media Player, the songs came up with ‘Timeout error, file type unsupported’. By simply deleting them and uploading again and again, suddenly 3 out of the 5, started playing ok. Makes you wonder.

  • Boarding Up

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    good information that nstead mobile phones are now designed to not only
    assist you day to day.I like this one.This is an amazing content.I am very
    impressed to this post.This is a great article.Thanks to share this blog with
    us.Keep sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Hi can anyone explain why I cannot send emails? I can receive them fine but when sending it just alternates between ‘sending’ and ‘waiting’.

  • Alex

    Does anything work on any of their websites???
    Given up on trying to download an app?
    Software design could do with a few safety features to make sure you do not send messages/make call to the wrong person by pressing the same button twice.

    Giving up on the phone little by little…..shame….:(

  • Alex

    LG GM360
    Has any-one been able to dowload any apps? If so where from??
    The battery doesn’t seem to last that long!

  • harsimran

    activate ur GPRS and then enjoy fb on mobile

  • CB

    slide it upwards

  • Anonymous

    How do you turn on the internet so you can get on facebook?

  • Anonymous

    how do you turn internet on to get onto facebook?

  • gingerj

    I have just had a wifi cookie added to my phone,( yesterday) am on o2, any one know what this actually means, as still trying to digest all the info, and find rather confusing.

  • gingerj

    I have taken it to mean emergency calls only, comes on when there is no gps signal. I may be wrong, but that’s how most phones work. :)

  • gingerj

    plug your phone into your laptop, you should get a msg  in your phone asking which task to preform, choose the mass storage one, when your phone is connected, go into your start menu ( if it isn’t automatic reading), choice my computer, enter the field where your phone has registered ( mine usually H), once in it, go into your chosen folder, right click to copy and paste. That’s one way, I find it easiest. Hope it helps.

  • gingerj

    I use quick time player that works with it.