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May 11th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

LG recently held an invite only event at London’s Haymarket hotel to show off the latest Home Entertainment solutions as you would use them in the ideal home. This included their passive and active 3D offerings, OLED, Plasma and 3D Blu-Ray and gaming. The event spanned across two days with an evening for men complete with beer tasting, football and pizza, with the ladies enjoying cocktails, Sex and the City and pampering including manicures and massages on their night. Life really is good at the LG House!

Two of the most popular pieces of tech on display were the LX9900 active shutter 3DTV and the LD950 polarized (or passive) 3DTV.

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We will start with the LD950 as this is the technology more of you will be familiar with as it is the kind currently used in pubs across the country to show football in 3D, as well as in the cinema for 3D films like Avatar. Polarized 3D works by projecting 2 images at once, one for the left eye and one for the right. Each lens has a filter only allowing a certain image in, blocking the light polarized in the opposite direction, with each eye only seeing a specific image and creating the illusion of 3D.

At the LG House the LD950 was set-up in the second bedroom with an Xbox 360 playing Avatar the game in 3D. LG are the only company releasing a polarized 3D option to the UK market currently

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The cost of the glasses is the real benefit of passive 3D. It really is a technology that you can share with your friends, as additional pairs of glasses will cost you little more than a few pounds per pair. Perfect for having your friends round for the world cup.  Other pros are that passive 3D TVs deliver a very comfortable viewing experience and you don’t have to worry about charging the glasses as the technology is inside the TV.


Because polarization requires that each eye only sees half the pixels on screen, it cannot achieve the Full HD picture to each eye that active 3D TVs can provide.

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The LX9900 is LG’s active 3DTV option released this year. Active technology works differently from the polarized option, with the technology being centered mainly in the 3D glasses as opposed to the TV itself. The glasses receive signals from the TV, and create the 3D effect by blocking one lens then the other in sync with the TV’s refresh rate.

At the LG House the 55” LX9900 was set up in the living room with a complete home cinema set up including the BX580. The LX9900 also has the advantage of being the only full backlit LED 3DTV to be released this year, ensuring excellent picture quality in both 2D and 3D modes!

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The use of the active shutter glasses ensures a rich stereoscopy without a reduction in pixels or light with each eye receiving full 1080p.


Due to the technology being within the glasses, they are expensive to produce and retail for much higher in comparison to the polarized glasses. Industry experts do anticipate this price to come down as the technology matures though. LG are one of the only retailers to include a number of active shutter glasses with their active 3DTV to keep the peripheral costs down.

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