LG Premieres first 3DTV in the UK this Sunday showcasing live Premiership Football

January 28th, 2010 by LG Blog UK

This Sunday LG and Sky will be bringing 3D to consumers across UK and Ireland, as 9 pubs will be exclusively screening the Premier League showdown between Arsenal and Manchester United in 3D. These selected pubs have been kitted out with the LG 47 inch LD920 3D TV, giving lucky football fans the opportunity to be the first in the world to view the Premier League in 3D.

These lucky spectators will be getting a sneak preview of the LG LD920 TV before it’s released in April. Consumers will be able to enjoy their favourite 3D movies and video games as well as programming, as Sky launch their dedicated 3D channel in 2010 covering sports, movies and entertainment.

The 47inch LD920 will be the UK’s first 3D TV to be released as part of the LG commitment to making high quality TV more accessible, and this initiative with Sky does just that. Stephen Gater, LG’s head of marketing goes on to say that ‘2010 will see the realisation of many exciting technologies in TVs – 3D is just one of them. With exciting developments like these, watching television in the home will soon be an even more exciting, immersive and powerful experience.’

To read the official announcement from Sky click here

For more info on Sky 3D click here

For more info on the big match in 3D click here

For more info on LG’s 3D developments from CES 2010 click here

  • http://www.3dtvreviewer.co.uk/ 3DGizmo

    Also, the techradar post, which you link to above, mentions a 47 inch LD360 coming in April…

    LG has confirmed that it will be producing a 3D enabled television, with the LD360 set to be available to consumers from April 2010.

    So, are we looking for an LD360, LD630, LD920, or all three? :)

    • joeO

      Hi 3DGizmo,
      The LD360 was going to be the first 3DTV released by LG, but the model number changed to LD920 from LD360 due to putting 200Hz processor instead of 100Hz
      There is no LD630, so it’s probably a typo.

  • http://www.3dtvreviewer.co.uk/ 3DGizmo

    What happened to the LD630 which was touted as the first LG 3dtv to be released? T3's write-up from CES201 said…

    The first 3D product to hit UK shops in the first half of this year will be the much more affordable LD630. This is a mid-range LCD TV that will arrive in a variety of sizes and packing passive 3D technology that will be compatible with Sky’s 3D broadcasts and the first 3D Blu-ray discs.

    Now it's the LD920, in April?

  • lgblog

    Hi Shuggie,
    Thanks for the update on Sky3D, good news that Sky+HD will be fully compatible so new need for a new box.
    And having also witnessed 3DTV I agree that where you view it from makes a difference. Sitting fairly square to the TV, as the majority of people do in the home, gives an excellent picture quality and experience. When was the last time watching TV could accurately be described as an experience?
    Thanks again
    LG Blog UK

  • Shuggie

    As a member of Sky staff, I have seen the sky presentation of the 3DTV. It works…. and to many it will seem a gimmick. Obviously, there wont be much content at first, so for those people who have the full Sky World HD package (£58.50) – if they have a 3D TV the 3D channel will be free.
    As for the quality, the first time I saw it, I was not impressed. I was sitting on the floor under the TV… nothing much to see. Then I viewed it again standing. That made me slightly above the level of the TV. Wow… the pictures really do come out of the screen! The scores on the football image seem to float about a foot away from the screen….
    Now, it does seem like a lot of layered 2d images… but the effect is still good. Also you do have to use the glasses. We were using passive technology here… the glasses were like the two ronnies…. but I am sure that the ones you will get from the tv manufacturers will be a little better.
    Is it worth it? Like all of Sky's services I think it will be a good quality product. And like I say to all of our customers… you will have to make the decision for yourself… You get what you pay for, and for quality you have to pay a little more…. I don't want to go on… I am not trying to sell this… just let you all know it does work. Ignoring the Sky services… this means that the 3D tech will work just as well with bluray, games consoles and PC gaming etc. You will just have to see if it is affordable enough to be a part of your home.

    Back to Sky… the good news – if you have a Sky+HD box, that will self upgrade via satellite feed when the time comes… so no need for a new box. Also, Sky do not sell Sky+ boxes now… just HD boxes (with or without the HD content) so a least new customers don't have to worry either…. The people who only have Standard boxes or Sky+ will need to upgrade though.

    And the HD boxes will also have a new Video on Demand service soon (anytime+) and will soon have downloadable widgets in the same vein as iPhones…. connect the HD box to a router with an ethernet cable for this…

  • dandan

    is at parkfield?



  • flibble

    me neither
    its really anoying its only 9 pubs tho

  • http://www.phpology.co.uk/ PHPology

    Ahhh does anyone know which of the nine pubs are showing the game? Can't find anything on the net about it.