Hands on with the new LG Chocolate BL40!

August 18th, 2009 by LG Blog UK

The new Black Label series handset, the LG Chocolate BL40, has been getting quite a bit of attention since its leak a few weeks ago, but now we can give you the official lowdown! LG announced the Chocolate BL40 last week in a press release:

“The initial response to the new LG Chocolate phone is exceeding our expectations by a wide margin,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications. “Although much of the interest seems focused on the striking shape of the handset, the real surprise will be when people discover the advantages of the 4.0-inch screen in terms of viewing pleasure and ease of use.”

Jeremy Newing, head of marketing, LG Mobile UK and Ireland says, “Selling over 21million units, the success of the first iconic LG Chocolate paved the way for style and design in the mobile industry and the Black Label Series has continued to bring design led handsets to the consumer. With the new LG Chocolate, LG has combined the latest in touchscreen technology with a new chic and slick design to meet consumer demand for HD content. This handset revolutionises the viewing experience on a mobile phone.”

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one for a brief spell, so here are some pictures for you:

As soon as you hear “21:9 ratio” and “widescreen”, there is understandable concern about the handsets size, so here’s a little size comparison, left to right: Crystal GD900 (open), Chocolate BL40 and the LG Secret (open).

(There are more size comparisons in the Flickr set.)

The HD LCD screen is gorgeous and the Chocolate comes with brand new games as standard:


The video-playback is flawless and with Dolby it sounds great too!


You can see more in our LG Chocolate BL40 Flickr set.

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  • Doug

    Does it recognise a basic folder structure? My Renoir doesn’t which makes it useless at playing back music. It also shows *all* the pictures on my phone, instead of just folder I’m in.

    If it does, then I’m really interested. If not, I’m not.