Brand New S-Class Website, Live Now

July 13th, 2009 by LG Blog UK

Following the success of the LG Arena and the S-Class UI, LG has launched the 3D S-Class website, purposely developed to allow users to download a desktop widget and S-Class screensaver, as well as play 3D games.


Through the website, we will be giving away an LG Arena handset every day to a lucky participant who downloads the widget, while a LG Arena will also be awarded every week to the top scorer in the 3D game. To download the widget or screensaver, or to try out the S-Class UI online, visit

LG’s intuitive 3D S-Class UI is fast and dynamic, delivering a sense of fun and interaction not found on any other mobile platform,” says . “We have had a great response to the S-Class UI to-date, and wanted the experience of the interface to be available to everyone, which is why we’ve developed this 3D S-Class website simulation.
Jeremy Newing, head of marketing, LG Mobile UK

LG’s widget not only demonstrates how the interface works but also adds an element of fun, providing access to a wide selection of free games. It also allows the user to easily organise and access frequently used documents, applications and internet bookmarks. The widget mirrors the functionality of the S-Class UI, providing four homescreens. The widget can be rotated by dragging it with the mouse, the same experience as flipping from one home screen to another with a finger on an S-Class equipped phone.

The downloadable screensaver is based on the S-Class UI’s cube layout theme, providing a variety of animated clocks that involve moving and spinning 3D cubes.

The 3D S-Class UI made its debut on the LG Arena in February and has now expanded to the Viewty Smart (LG-GC900) and LG-GD900 Crystal. Each of these handsets are designed to fit different needs and the interface is tailored to help users get the most out of each handset. The LG Viewty Smart, for example, includes an on-screen dial for instantly switching between shot modes and the ability zoom in or out by sliding two fingers on the display.

This website is now live and will run for a month. For more information, visit

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  • Manish Pansiniya

    Is there any way where we can download application (not java) for S Class UI for GD900?

  • Helen


    Sorry, we referred this back to the team and are waiting for more information. Will keep you posted!

    Adam, the S-Class is on the Arena (KM900) Crystal (GD900) and Viewty Smart (GC900) handsets, which are currently on sale. We’ll keep you updated on any other handsets it’ll be available on.

  • sean

    hi helen

    I’m still getting the same error “You don’t currently have permission to access the program.”. I’m running on vista. do you have the new link to the fix? I just downloaded from your main site and it is still giving me error.


  • chuanliang

    sorry but i am having the same problem as Mark.

    but you said you have already fixed it, but it still appears as ” you have no permission to access this program”

  • adam

    is there any chance it will be available to download for other LG phones in the future?

  • Kev

    Hi: I downloaded the desktop widget and keep getting a `runtime error’ concerning Microrosoft C++. No matter what I do, it always comes up with this. However, I downloaded the screensaver and that works fine! I have tried to sort out the C++ error on Microsoft’s UK website, but it was of no use. Any helpful advice would be good, thank you. Also, on a separate track, I’m having trouble `synching’ my music to my Arena phone using Microsoft Media player – it doesn’t recognise the LG Arena (or that’s what it’s telling me), even though that’s what the instruction manual tells me to use – any advice on this would also be helpful. I’m using Media player 11, by the way! Thank you, Kev.

  • Helen

    Thank you both for bringing these issues to our attention, LG have now fixed the issue with Vista and it should work normally for both of you. Please let us know if you experience any problems.

    Thanks again!

  • Seika

    I kept getting trouble downloading the desktop widget. There’s something like connection reset every time I tried downloading, which result in I’m getting corrupted package.

    Is there no alternate download ? Tried re-downloading several times already.

  • Helen

    Mark, that’s the first we’ve heard of any problems, we’re looking into it and will post on here if there is a problem.

    LG Crystalises, we’ve had the opportunity to play with a Crystal a bit this week and it really does improve on the Arena. We should have some videos and pics for you soon!

  • LG Crystalises

    I’m most curious as to how this interface will work with the double sensitive handling of the LG Crystal. It was great on the Arena, but the touch sensitive keypad is a real promise to take it to the next level!

  • Mark McFarlane

    Dowloaded widget but unable to get working on Vista PC. Just get repeated message “You dont currently have permission to access this program” when I double click icon.