THE LG 42LF7700 FreeSat TV gets our bloggers approval

June 17th, 2009 by LG Blog UK

A couple of our bloggers were able to get their mitts on the new LG LF7700 LCD with built-in FreeSat, I thought I’d take a look at their findings..
RegHardware gave it a stand up 80%:

The moment you switch over to BBC HD, everything seems to snap into focus – colours are bolder and the increased level of detail is immediately obvious. Alex Kingston’s frizzy hairdo in HD really is a sight to behold. The real test was to fire up some high-definition Blu-Ray and HD DVD films. The results here were extremely good – colours were bright and vivid, but not over-saturated, with Spiderman swinging smoothly between buildings.

(I’m going to be paying special attention to my hair for all future LG videos now!)

[…] this is 42in Full HD television that delivers good image and audio quality, along with a Freesat HD tuner and it can be found for less than £900 – certainly, pretty good value for money. So, if you’re keen to explore Freesat in all its high-definition glory, the LG 42LF7700 is well worth considering.

Coolest Gadgets UK is a fan too, citing the extras included as a real bonus as well as “excellent” contrast, “with blacks actually coming close to “proper” black”:

Setup – what can I say? Plug in, attach aerial and let the TV do it’s thing. All channels found and ordered automatically just like it should be.
A tabletop swivel stand is included in the package – hopefully this is becoming a standard feature but it wasn’t that long ago when manufacturers expected you to pay extra for the stand.

Plug in a high-def source to the LF7700 and you really start to see what the 1080p panel can deliver. Crisp, fluid images with no sign of blocking or smearing really does make for a very compelling picture. If you’re watching on Freesat you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time on BBC HD, because once you’ve seen it you really won’t want to go back… SkyHD images benefit similarly from the 1080p treatment – sports fans will not be disappointed!

For more information on the LF7700, or to see it in action, check out the official product videos:

You can find these and many more on our YouTube channel

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  • Andrew

    Thanks for sorting the BBC i player problem and look forward to receiving the box next week!

  • lgblog

    Apologies for the delayed reply. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to LG and we are continuing to look into this issue to ensure that we can provide a suitable solution. We will keep all customers who we know to be affected informed as soon as a solution has been reached.

  • Lgb2100

    I agree andrew… why have a blogg, if LG aren't prepared to comment !

  • andrewflem

    Another two months has gone by and still no new firmware for these tv's to enable us to access the BBCi player via Freesat. On twitter I see all the new gear you are launching but seem incapable of providing your existing customers the neccessary firmware we need. Are you just procrastinating until our warrentees run out, or can we get a full refund and go to another manufacturer who has given its customers the firmware for them to use the BBCi player service?
    Please resp[ond LG. Why have a log if you are not prepared to reply?

  • Andrew Fleming

    I have a 37 inch lg freesat tv. Can you tell me when the firmware update will be made so we can use the BBCi player on the TV with the LAN connection to the internet. The BBC said last year that it should be launched by end December and we still do not have it and it is now 1st Feb.
    Could LG let me know please. Humax boxes had this last year and Sony have apparently also now updated their firmware. Whats the problem LG?

  • Peter

    I have a LG32LT75 and like 100’s of other customers my LG TV also freezes. Reading websites and blogs this fault has been present in LG TV’s since at least 2007. And no, resetting the factory settings does not work.

    LG ought to come out and publish a solution or admit if there is no solution.

    I love the design and functionality and am completely sold on the entire package, but this experience has totally put me off the LG brand. Unless LG are proactive and go out and hold up their hands and reveal that there actually is a problem, I for one will go out of my way to actively promote against LG’s products.

    I could easily have been brand loyal customer, even with the fault, but it is the customer experience that let’s the company down.

    Finally, I own a portable B&O black and white TV from the early 1960’s, and it is still going strong…shame about the digital switch.