Introducing the second Prada phone by LG

November 4th, 2008 by LG Blog UK

Sticking close to the highly successful design of the original, the new Prada phone has a hidden secret. An ultra-thin keyboard slides from under the handset.

The original Prada phone made history as the first full touch-screen phone to reach the market. With all the characteristics of the most digitally enhanced phones it was also a powerful aesthetic pioneer and was hugely popular with over 1 million handsets sold.

The unique QWERTY keyboard available with the new telephone is designed for maximum ease of use. The metallic silver keyboard compliments the slick aesthetic and with the additional on-screen, call and hang-up buttons gives fresh tactility to the original phone’s minimal design.

Other new/improved features include 3G compatibility with video calling, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, a 5 mega pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens, full HTML browser and Wi-Fi accessibility.

The handset will be available with a starting price of 600 Euros though major mobile dealerships in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands before Christmas – maybe you should get writing to Santa now..?

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