Introducing the second Prada phone by LG

November 4th, 2008 by LG Blog UK

Sticking close to the highly successful design of the original, the new Prada phone has a hidden secret. An ultra-thin keyboard slides from under the handset.

The original Prada phone made history as the first full touch-screen phone to reach the market. With all the characteristics of the most digitally enhanced phones it was also a powerful aesthetic pioneer and was hugely popular with over 1 million handsets sold.

The unique QWERTY keyboard available with the new telephone is designed for maximum ease of use. The metallic silver keyboard compliments the slick aesthetic and with the additional on-screen, call and hang-up buttons gives fresh tactility to the original phone’s minimal design.

Other new/improved features include 3G compatibility with video calling, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, a 5 mega pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens, full HTML browser and Wi-Fi accessibility.

The handset will be available with a starting price of 600 Euros though major mobile dealerships in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands before Christmas – maybe you should get writing to Santa now..?

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  • Jeany Legaspi

    I hAve prada phone but my case was crack is there any case for that ? Ty

    • LG UK

      Hi Jeany, we don’t sell cases, but you may find something online?

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  • a01nne

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  • alex

    yeah the phone is 300.00

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  • Stuart

    Just got my Prada II and I’ve got to say it’s a marked improvement over the original….but…. i’m a little perplexed by the screensaver!
    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to disable it?? Scoured the manual but to no avail!
    My main concern is getting my phone out down the pub to be the envy of my mates… only to end up the subject of ridicule as my phone proudly displays a pair of ladies Prada shoes from the embedded Prada catalogue!!
    Please tell me there is a way round this……

  • Euey

    Everyone note you can get a Prada Link watch from Expansys.

    The one I ordered arrived today and i’ve been playing with it. I must say the Prada Link is so cool, and the range on the bluetooth can get up to 10 meters easily. It is also waterproof to 30meters though I don’t think i’ll be testing that out.

    Everyone in my office is super jealous.


  • Cozi

    I got my prada phone KF900
    and i tried to install PCSuite with the disc, but it showed the error message
    “0x8000FFFF Catastrophic Failure”
    and stopped the installation

    Anyone can help?!?! can’t sync my phone with computer!!!

  • feric

    hi everyone, I just got my prada kf900.
    is there any link for software updates?
    coz the phone can’t read Chinese characters

    pls advices, thx!


  • Euey

    Hey there Helen,

    I’ve just ordered my new Prada II phone from Orange, they officially started selling them this week, but they do not stock the Prada Link, either do Phones4U.
    Can you let me know how I can get one, as the real appeal of this phone is the whole product with the Prada Link.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Euey

  • milisa

    why don’t you design a dictionary program for it??? more features and more convenient!!!!

  • YourBoyCelebrity

    Wow……. Im theonly person in U.S. that has the Prada 1 Since ive yet to see anyone that has it. Wasnt To Impressed With The prada 2 Since all that was diff was the keyboard…. However My boy is filled me In The The LINK WATCH….. And i was blown Away!!!!
    Does anyone know if You can Use the LINK WATCH with the Prada 1???????

  • Thanon

    I have one question about the memory, i heard that the internal memory of LG Prada 2 is only 64 mb, so what is the maximum capacity of external memory that can be used with Prada 2 ? Because im thinking to use the mini SDHC 16 GB 😉 Thank you

  • Tatjana


    Can anyone help me where to buy this watch+phone, I am in Austria.