Introducing the Slimline Scarlet and our autumn line of LCD TVs

August 29th, 2008 by LG Blog UK

Last night we unveiled three new LCD televisions which form part of our autumn lineup of flat panels, exclusively to bloggers at Fulham FC‘s Craven Cottage stadium. LG’s head of TV marketing George Mead took our guests through three LCD televisions, with a little presentation followed by a discussion:

George Mead presenting our new LCD TVs

The three new TVs are:

  • The LG Slimline Scarlet (LG6100) is the successor to the LG Scarlet and is the world’s slimmest LCD TV with digital tuner integrated. Measuring just 45mm (1.7 inches) thick, it features a Full HD 1080p LCD screen with 100 MHz TruMotion, built in Digital Freeview, invisible speakers with Clear Voice and Intelligent Sensor brightness control.
  • The LG7000 is a HD Ready 1080p LCD TV, which comes in 32″, 37″, 42″, 47″ and 52″ sizes. It features an invisible speaker with Clear Voice technology, dual XD Engine, three special AV modes, Intelligent Sensor brightness control and inbuilt Bluetooth and USB connectivity.
  • The LG4000 is LG’s LCD TV with integrated DVD player. It features a 32″ HD Ready screen, invisible speakers with Clear Voice technology and customisable display options for you to get the most out of what you’re watching.
  • We had some great guests, including Matthew of Gadget Venue, Andy of HDTV UK and Marc of Coolest Gadgets, as well as Andrew Wong and Tom Phillips. After the presentation George took some questions and a discussion followed about about LG TVs, LCD v. Plasma and the future of televisions.

    George & guest bloggers talking about TVs

    The topics were quite interesting – environmental responsibility and power saving were important issues (especially in a climate of environmental change and rising energy prices) – with George underlying LG’s commitment to lowering power consumption; the Intelligent Sensor reduces consumption quite significantly already, and from next year onwards all LG TVs will have simple power-off rather than standby buttons to reduce consumption when offline. We also talked about LCD TVs and the differences between them and Plasmas – and how LCD is not the poorer relative of Plasma as commonly believed. We also touched on ease of use – why it is so important and how mobile phone UIs have influenced how LG TV interfaces are designed.

    The Slimline Scarlet will be out imminently in the UK, while the LG7000 and 32LG4000 are out in September. If you’re a Slimline Scarlet owner or interested in getting one, be sure to check out the new product video and also the videos featuring Ed, one of our product trainers, talking you through how to set the TV up and how to get the best out of it. Here’s a taste of one of the videos – we’ll be posting more to our YouTube channel over the coming week.

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