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The LG Renoir KC910: a first look

August 29th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
Today we're pleased to say we can take our first look at the forthcoming LG Renoir KC910, the 8MP full touchscreen cameraphone that is the successor to last year's enormously successful Viewty. The KC910 boasts a 3" WQVGA 240x400 pixel display that is fully touchscreen. The camera is a ISO1600 8MP camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics, digital zoom, image stabiliser and geotagging. The videocamera has VGA capability at 30fps and QVGA capability at 120fps and DivX and Xvid. Connectivity is important, with HSDPA connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi and and TV-out support. It can also take SD cards with a capacity...
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Introducing the Slimline Scarlet and our autumn line of LCD TVs

August 29th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
Last night we unveiled three new LCD televisions which form part of our autumn lineup of flat panels, exclusively to bloggers at Fulham FC's Craven Cottage stadium. LG's head of TV marketing George Mead took our guests through three LCD televisions, with a little presentation followed by a discussion: The three new TVs are: The LG Slimline Scarlet (LG6100) is the successor to the LG Scarlet and is the world's slimmest LCD TV with digital tuner integrated. Measuring just 45mm (1.7 inches) thick, it features a Full HD 1080p LCD screen with 100 MHz TruMotion, built in Digital Freeview, invisible speakers with...
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The importance of play

August 28th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
Yesterday One Part Truth... introduced me to the work of Bruno Taylor; a recent graduate of Central Saint Martin (MA in Industrial Design) who, as part of a project entitled 'Playful Spaces' installed a swing at a London bus stop and also created a bouncy bench: “71% of adults used to play on the streets when they were young. 21% of children do so now. Are we designing children and play out of the public realm? This project is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space. It focuses on ways of incorporating incidental play in the public...
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Do you know your HD from your elbow?

August 27th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
Research* by LG has this week revealed that the TV industry needs to do more to inform and educate consumers about high definition (HD). Results show that although the majority of respondents want to experience HD, over 60 % of those surveyed are yet to invest in it due to confusion. •    25% of the UK still don’t understand what high definition is •    80% of people don’t know the difference between HD Ready 1080p and HD Ready •    62% of Brits still don’t own an HD TV The main problem seems to be most customers think by buying a HD TV they will...
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Summer draws to a close and it’s out with the music festivals and in with the visuals!

August 26th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
It's almost September already - where does the time go!? - which means it's time to prepare for the '08 London Design Festival (13th-23rd) and S/S 09 London Fashion week (14th-19th). On an eco-conscious front, I'm looking forward to the From Here to Eternity exhibition - a collection of designs using plastic and studying: Pioneering arts consultancy Arts Co is commissioning ten leading contemporary designers and design collectives to celebrate plastic through their work and look at ways to re-think our growing mountains of discarded plastic. The participating designers will show how plastic’s versatility - transparent or opaque, hard or pliant, able...
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Bryan Berg’s Olympic house of cards

August 22nd, 2008 by LG Blog UK
As it's a Friday, here's something a little bit different. The 2008 Olympics may be winding down to their final weekend, and with it some amazing physical feats (and a fair bit of British success to boot). But you don't have to be a physical superman to impress at the Olympics - dexterity and dedication can find you fame outside of the sporting arena. One dedicated man has done so, creating a model of the Olympic village out of 140,00 playing cards. Amazing stuff: (via Gizmodo) The artist behind this is a chap called Bryan Berg and some of his other work...
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Talk about LG TVs at the AVForums

August 20th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
We're always looking for new ways to talk to and engage with LG customers and potential customers online and to make sure they get the information they need - this blog is just one of them - and this week we're happiest to announce our latest venture. Over at the very popular and highly-respected AVForums we have this week launched an official forum for LG TV products - both LCDs and Plasmas. It's primarily a space for LG owners, or people curious about LG panel displays and thinking about making a purchase, to come together and ask questions and, we...
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Solar powered clothing

August 19th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
Solar panels are appearing on everything these days, and in one of those nice blends of tech and fashion, it appears they're now appearing on clothes to help you charge your mobile or your gadgets - thus saving you the perils of a flat battery. On the left is a solar powered tie that I found via Phones Review: academics at Iowa State University - the panels provide power for a phone charger (which you just pop in a pocket behind the tie). It wasn't just a case of gluing on some panels - they had to make sure the tie...
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Danny Rozen’s wooden mirror

August 18th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
It's a mirror made of wood. As mad as it sounds, it actually works: Environmental Graffiti explains how it works: The concept is simple but formidably clever: a tiny camera gathers light and shape data, before sending it to a computer that processes it and uses hundreds of tiny electric motors to shift the wood blocks into the image in front of the device. Subtle gradations of shade are achieved by both the natural grain of the wood and the angle at which they are displayed, casting shadow if necessary. In other words, giant wooden pixels. While not useful enough to shave or...
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LG Style Icon: The Final chance – in Dublin this weekend!

August 15th, 2008 by LG Blog UK
The LG Style Icon contest tour draws to a close this weekend. This weekend we’re heading to Dublin for the last of our roadshow events. LG will be hosting an open-call photo-shoot at the ILAC Centre from 10am on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August. If you haven't entered and can't make it to Dublin, you can still enter on the official Style Icon site. For more information about the competition, check out the official LG StyleIcon...
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