Looking Lively

July 9th, 2008 by LG Blog UK

There’s been a lot of buzz today’s over Google’s latest venture, Lively, which is their new 3D Virtual World. Similar in outlook to Second Life, it looks a little more cartoony and maybe even aimed at a younger market, judging by the official trailer video shows:

TechDigest point out that it’s not quite the same as Second Life though:

Rather than having a single persistent online space, Google intends Lively to be more of an addition to existing web space. User can enter a Lively space from a blog or website and then interact with fellow users, chat and prance about making daft emotes.

There’s more on it over at Product Reviews and The Guardian as well. The embedding into blogs and webpages is a nice idea and although I haven’t tried it out yet I might have a crack at creating an LG Blog room for this site. Any ideas what I should put into it?

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