Educational and fun..

July 7th, 2008 by LG Blog UK

Just a couple of quick links to share with you today – sort of a saw this and thought of you post!

Isn’t this lovely? (I feel I’m doing a bit of a Di over at Designers’ Block today!)

It’s a page from Ecodazoo(“The Eco Zoo”) a gorgeous Japanese site about being eco-friendly with advice issued by various creatures and critters from the pages of a pop-up book! (Made of recycled paper I’m sure!)

And while the title is completely covered by that site, here’s another one which is fun but possibly educational..
The Secret of Johan Lorbeer’s Still-Life Performance Johan Lorbeer has been causing a stir in European cities with his fantastic performances of just standing still for long periods.. while invisibly suspended above the ground! Human statues in Covent Garden take note!

Happy Monday all!

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