SanDisk Sansa TakeTV

October 26th, 2007 by LG Blog UK

Got piles of DVD’s lying around your house from transferring downloaded video content so you can play it on your TV? Having to move your computer so you can plug it into the TV? This is the problem TakeTV taketvattempts to solve – by using a USB flash drive.

It’s a simple device and fairly innovative in that there is nothing much around that rivals it. You drag and drop files from your computer onto the drive and then use the dock provided to connect it to your TV with either s-video or composite connections. You then control it with a small remote. It also comes with compatibility for Fanfare (beta), a DRM service from a selection of American networks including CBS, which I’m less interested in.

Of interest to me is the DivX and MPEG-4 compatibility of the device, (it also does XviD) and the obvious advantage of using it in conjunction with the Viewty for watching video back on your TV. As video taken on your mobile tends not to have a huge shelf life, the TakeTV is excellent as you don’t have to burn a disc you might only watch several times. Also, giving the slow motion video recording a good airing on a large screen should be high on the agenda of any Viewty owner and this is easy with the TakeTV.

This is a simple solution and whilst not particularly innovative it is inventive. I like the fact there is no wireless syncing or multi-functionality and by sticking to just being one thing it can be used across a wide range of digital devices.

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